10 Ways to Create Blog Content

Content that Produces Profit for Your Business

How would you feel if you felt in complete control of your business? What would it feel like if you KNEW that everything you did would attract MORE people to you? How much is that worth to you?

For me, it’s priceless and I will explain why in this blog post. This blog post will provide 10 simple ways to create content to attract people to you and your business. After reading this post, I guarantee you will never run out of blog content ideas ever again.

So You Want More Profit?

There are plenty of reasons for you to create your respective business. I hope one of those reasons is to generate a profit. The ultimate measuring tool of a business is its profit. Do you want to generate more profit in your business? Well I have a simple formula for generating profit.

Invest, Learn, Teach

This principle (ILT for short) has been made popular by one of my mentors Ray Higdon. The ILT principle means that in order to make more money; you need to do three simple things: invest, learn, and teach. Simply invest more time or money, then learn and teach what you learned. There is an unlimited supply of knowledge to go around, why not put yourself in the way of the knowledge transfer.

Fine-Tuning the I-L

Here is one important thing to remember: never stop investing in yourself. What I mean by investing in yourself by way of education or coaching (to name a few).

Typically most people who are serious about their craft invest in courses, coaching and events. With these forms of education, these people take notes or record audio for future reference. I typically do both, the iPhone is a great recording device, by the way.

Speaking of notes, I take two kinds of notes:

  • What will I implement?
  • What will I teach?

The notes that you take that you don’t convert into online content (or in other words that you do not teach) are uncashed checks. If you are an entrepreneur, it is imperative for you to build authority. The notes you take build that authority for you and your business.

Your online content is valuable, and that value leads to money.

Content = Value   -> Value = Money

Remember: As an entrepreneur, you are here to solve someone’s problems. Give massive amounts of value to your target market. How many problems did you solve in the last month? I’m talking about how many problems did you solve through your content, training, coaching, etc. These are ideas of what you should be doing and below I will show you how to raise your value.

10 Sources of Content

Here are 10 ways to create content:

  • books
  • coaching calls
  • events
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • articles (magazine or online)
  • library/bookstore
  • past notes
  • attraction marketing platforms
  • forums

Here are some sources of ideas/copy:

  • grocery store lines
  • Amazon bestseller lists
  • forums
  • blogs
  • social media
  • sales pages

Let me give you an example….

Suppose you specialize in the weight loss industry, one of the best locations for content would be a grocery store. Go to a large grocery chain in your area and locate ANY health/wellness/weight loss magazines by the checkout counters. Those magazines are located there for a reason, not by chance. They are the highest grossing magazines. For example; you have a business in the weight loss industry, it would be imperative for you to learn from the highest grossing magazines.

Check out the headlines. The headline provides the overview of the article’s content. Make a list of the headlines you want to research, and move on to the next. Whenever you are ready to write your content, just follow this simple four-step formula:

  • Intro – introduce the subject
  • Question – provide a question that your content will answer or address
  • Content – the “meat & potatoes” of the article
  • A Call to Action – a particular action you want your viewers to make or do in order to solve the problem


Let’s look at this photo to the left. As you can see, Men’s Health is a men’s health/wellness magazine. On this particular issue there are seven headlines. Let’s use the 4-step formula from above to create some content. (I preface, this is just an example)

* Intro – Lose Your Gut

  • * Question – How can lose belly fat in as little as 9 days?
  • * Content – Simply share a few tips that the article mentions
  • * Call to Action – “If you’d like to know the supplements that I have personally tested, email me at (state your email address).”

A routine trip to the grocery store could supply you with content that could explode your business. Just think about it, the magazines you usually read in that crowded line could yield you a profit. There is literally content that you can use all around you. I am not saying that you need to visit the grocery store for content all the time, you can surf the internet or go to a bookstore. Potential content is literally everywhere. You must access this content. It’s about building authority.

I hope after reading this blog post, thoughts will spin in your mind…and you’ll realize that you will never run out of content ever again!

To Creating Your Limitless Profit Center!

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