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Tips to Make More Money

Tips to Make More Money…Without Being Pushy

In today’s post, I will share some tips to make more money in your business without being pushy.

Following yesterday’s post on why entrepreneurs fail, I was compelled to write this post.

As entrepreneurs, we realize that we want to make more sales. The problem is that we tend to overcomplicate the process of acquiring those sales.

In this video, I explain in some detail tips to make more money in your business:



Find Who’s Open

First things first, instead of trying to close everyone you approach, look for those who are open. This approach will change your energy, and relax you.

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You see, sales in an energy exchange. If your energy does not match that of the potential client, then chances are you won’t get the sale. I like to think of sales a lot like dating. As a man, I cannot realistically think that its possible for me to date every woman I come in contact with. Guys who try to flirt or make a move on every woman they see come off as desperate and unattractive. Instead, it is best to see which woman is open to possibly dating. There’s no need to try to convince a woman, especially if her mind is already made up in advance.

The same approach reigns true in business. Just see who is open to your product, service or business opportunity. See if someone is open to earning some extra income. If they are interested, then provide more information on what you provide, then close the deal.

Don’t Approach Anyone as if They Owe You Something

As I have mentioned, sales is an energy exchange. Do not approach anyone as if they owe you something. If that has been your approach, then you must change your energy immediately. Always come from a place of service to whoever you are connecting.  Do not come across as desperate, it is unattractive.

I remember one of my graduate school professors mention the term “commission breath” to express his disdain for desperate salespeople. It certainly is true. You can sense a desperate individual who’s only concern is possibly getting a sale. Desperate salespeople are powerless. Establish your authority and claim your power by remaining positive.

Stop Thinking Negatively About Sales

I have also mentioned this in yesterday’s post, but you must be in a position to embrace the sales industry. I understand that some people are not comfortable with the term “sales”, but you have been a salesman or saleswoman from the moment you were born.

Your life experiences have shaped you into the person that you are. So there is no need to be pushy when it comes to presenting your product or service to anyone. There is no need to “spam” your company products all over social media as well, it’s quite desperate. You also do not need to chase anyone either.

As a salesperson, you are a person of value. Your number job is to provide value. The conversations you have with clients (or customers) is essential to selling them on the value you have. I mean think about a few purchases that you have made, what made them special? I’m sure right up on the list was the idea of how that product (or business opportunity) can change your life.

By showing a potential customer how your product can change their life is powerful. Think about how the late Steve Jobs sold the iPhone, he painted the picture of how life-changing his mobile device can be. And we all know what can be done with an iPhone. Jobs saw the iPhone as an improvement to someone’s life, and you should feel the same way about your product!

Come From a Place of Service, Not a Place of “Protection”

There are some people who look at price as a limitation. When speaking to potential customers, do not look at the price as if you are protecting them from saving money. Be a champion of making their life better. It’s not about you.

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If your product or business opportunity is in network marketing, make sure to plug people into your company’s culture. Have them plug into your team’s culture if your team is highly successful. Do not be addicted to the outcome, let them determine if its the right fit for them.

In conclusion

We know that our products, services, and opportunities are great. But if you know these things are great, and you don’t want to impact others…then do not sell to them. I know it sounds awkward, but you are doing a disservice if you are not making an impact on someone else. With each sale that you make, you have the potential to change someone’s life for the better.

Also, do not shut anyone out…especially if they are trying to improve their life. You are not protecting anyone by mentioning the words “expensive” or offering  smaller sample to a potential customer or business partner. Make sure they see the possibility by painting the “big picture” for them. See and speak on their greatness, it’s not about you.

Just remember the highest producing people in any industry provide the most value. They believe in what they have. These individuals see who’s open to their product or service. And they know it will change the life of others.

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