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Start Building Rapport with your Prospects Today!

Marketing is a Relationship Business. There’s just no other way to describe it.

What I tend to do is think of myself as a teacher instead of a salesman. If you think about it, salesman always hit you with a rehearsed pitch. The same pitch that may have worked with someone else, which is usually awkward and played out. Teachers, on the other hand, apply concepts through lectures and presentations. Teachers help develop you and push you to become better. So in saying that, would you rather be a teacher or a salesman?

Go out and make as many friendships and connections as possible. Create a deep bond with people. One method toward creating a deep bond with someone is to fill up your relationship pipeline!

Relationship Pipeline

Aim to acquire at least 5-10 new friends a day. This could be done verbally or through social media. For the sake of this post, I will be speaking from the social media standpoint. Make sure to send a personal message out to each person you befriended that day.

Take the time to check their timeline and learn something about them. For example, I look for people who are interested in sports and travel…two of my favorite hobbies.

Find some common ground, or make a comment on something interesting on their timeline. But by all means BE GENUINE! People can spot a fake from miles around, and no one wants a knock off when the real version is easily accessible.

First Connection is CRUCIAL

Just like in any other form of life, the first impression is always important. The first impression sets the tone for your entire relationship with this person. It is best to always ask questions to keep the conversation going. What I typically do is ask questions about themselves. People like to talk about themselves.

Share yourself and your experiences sparingly. I say sparingly because you do not want to dominate the conversation with your life story. Now if asked, then provide a brief story…but otherwise, divert the conversation back to the prospect. This will build rapport fast!

A person must feel they can relate to you if they are ever going to consider doing business with you. When you make someone feel that you understand them, that is where start to build major rapport, connection and a bond.

Once you form a bond with a prospect, you have much more influence with them. That influence will allow you to persuade them to take the action you want.  Such action could be buying your products or joining your business.


Psychology is perhaps the secret ingredient in the rapport-building receipe.

Sales are the transfer of emotions, simple as that. When you get someone to FEEL something and you are able to influence WHAT they feel, you are 10 times likely to get a yes. When you reach a person emotionally, this is where you create that BOND that turns your prospects into a LIFELONG customer or business partner.

And I’ll explain further below…

Granted everyone is different, but we as humans, essentially have a dozen undeniable needs. We all have them! When you address your prospects specific needs and fulfill them, you start to speak to their unconscious that makes mall the buying decisions. Below are those 12 needs.

Ease Their Pain

Humans will do more to avoid pain than to seek pleasure. That’s just a fact. So we must find their pain and present the solution. The solution that you want to come to is your product or business opportunity. Know your target markets pain and frame your offer around that pain. In fact, share your pain and make it relatable. Whatever you do, just do not leave the prospect in their own pain.

Encourage their dreams

Project them into the future with the BENEFITS of your products or business opportunity. When you can anchor yourself and your offer to their dreams.

Validate their thoughts, feelings, and concerns

People have a deep need to feel correct and understood. The fastest way to push someone away is to tell them they are wrong without validating something.

When I think of this, it makes me think of the classic anti-network marketing line “Is this a pyramid scheme”? Remember, if someone asks you that…don’t respond with “No, you’re wrong“…instead say “You are right to be careful. There is a lot of crap online.”

Engage and capture their attention

These days, everyone has a short attention span. Make the conversation about themselves and not about you. Drop subtle hints that will intrigue them. Ask intriguing questions that will make them think. Also mimic their responses to build rapport.

Make them feel loved

Paint a story for them. Like for example, time freedom or vacation with the kids. Have them envision what their future could be by joining you.

Make them feel needed

Being significant in someone’s life is one of the ultimate feelings anyone could posses. Make sure to make each person feel appreciated and that they matter to the world. Make the person feel they have value. You never know, they may or may not get that feeling currently in their lives. Just imagine if you can be that person that brings out the significance in someone else’s life.

Provide a sense of hope

Everyone needs to feel a sense of hope. If you can be that beacon of hope, you can change a life for the better! You can do this by understanding their pain and offering a solution. Believe in what you promote! And if you do not have an outright solution for their pain, then point them in the direction of someone who does. People realize that you may not have all the answers, but being able to find the answer can also be gratifying.

Make them feel like they are contributing/leaving a legacy

Many MLM’s have a charity or some sort of cause that promotes their brand. Use that as an added bonus. I love to tell prospects that they can be the person that changes the family financial bloodline. That’s a powerful statement.

Tell them secrets

The word “secret” is a powerful word. If someone feels like they are given a secret, then they are bound to listen to you. Secrets provide a sneaky appeal, that prompts people to immediate action.

Give them a sense of power

People NEED to feel a sense of power and control in their lives. Just let them know the choice to buy from you or join is 100% up to them. Also remind them that THEY have the power to create their future. That way you are putting the ball in their court.

Offer a scapegoat

Always be nice. Never let a prospect feel as though something is their fault. Always be optimistic, and  be that person’s source of comfort.

Calm their fears and doubts

Objections are often doubts. Many times I have come across people who wonder “can I do this”? Give them a boost, and always relate to your doubts. That way, they can gather the feelings of becoming successful like you.


If you take these recommendations to heart and go out and start having conversations, you business is sure to explode. Remember, this is a relationship business, and you must be out making new relationships daily. By following these tips, you are well on your way to success.

To Creating Your Network Marketing Kingdom!

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