The Art of Marketing

Mastering the Art of Marketing

Focus on things that amplify scale to your life, not take it away.”

When someone proposes me with a business opportunity or asks me for something of that nature, I typically ask myself the following questions:

Will this proposed activity going to contribute to my freedom? Or Will this contaminate my freedom?

The main objective is you want more reach and revenue in your business.

Before anything else, you must start with the right mindset. You must have a genuine unshakeable belief that you can and will do anything you set your mind to, period.

You must fully believe your product, program or business opportunity you are promoting has 30X more value than the money that people are giving you in return.

Marketing and advertising are all that really matters.

Most people spend time on the “action” or the perceived action, not the actual marketing. There is no dead-end if you have a good marketing system in place. Stay focused on the 20% of action that creates 80% of your results.

So many people are focused on their product, their content, or whatever they have to offer…that they end up spending 80% of their time on the “doing” and 20% on their marketing. The individuals who are living life at a top-notch level are just doing the opposite.

I’m sure you are asking, well how do I get there? Well be known, get out there and make things happen. I’m going to provide you with eight marketing strategies that you must understand in order to be a top entrepreneur. Here are those strategies below:


People are always looking to invest in change. Share that your product can take your prospect from Point A to Point B in their life. You want to use your product as a means to generating some form of emotion as a result. You are investing in change with people. Good marketing shares change!


As a marketer, you must bring cutting edge information (or research) to prospects. I value reading or looking at something new. There are so many recycled speeches out there in the industry. Dare to be different, and put your spin on various topics.

For example, if you are targeting millennials, then providing a recycled speech that dates back to 1992 is not effective. Millennials cannot relate to something that occurred when they were in elementary school. You must be able to adapt to your audience. Always be innovative. Bring new information to the conversation, because what may have worked 15 years ago oftentimes does not work today.


Why should someone do business with you instead of someone else? I often ask people that question. People have three choices: do business with you, someone else or do nothing all together. Simple as that.

So what makes you or them different? Well you have to be different in a strategic sort of way. I would suggest that you figure out 3 things that make your business different from someone else. After all, you are the CEO. Make sure your marketing is unique.


This is similar to novelty, but hear me out on this. How relevant are you in your respective industry? How up to date are you with what you promote?

You must stay up to date with your target market. State different things to relate to people. You must work the unrequired hours to do the required work.

An example of how I stay relevant with my target audience is by using Google Alerts. Google Alerts allows you to monitor the web for interesting new content. That way you can stay on top of what’s new in your niche. You’re welcome.


Create a functional and comprehensive marketing campaign around your product so that people can use it to get ahead. Produce tangible results, facts, or statistics in your campaign. Also make sure your campaign can be followed and easily duplicated.


Create a way to make sure people remember your brand. When you have a certain attitude about your company, that’s what people will refer to you, which will lead to them buying from you.


Prospects should look at what you are doing as a movement and associate what you are doing as bigger than yourself. Movements create serious momentum. Movements create an industry standard.


When prospects see themselves as a better leader, that’s when you lead the game. People become attracted to you. People want to feel apart of something. Everyone wants to be the leader of their own life. This can be accomplished through growth and contribution.


When you fall in love with your customers more than your business, that is when you have figured everything out.

Your messaging must be communicated effectively so your prospects know you appreciate them. Make sure your messaging is new, relevant, interesting, compelling and articulate. If you can use these strategies, you are well on your way to leading the competition and creating your own business kingdom.

To Creating Your Branding Masterpiece!

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