5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility

Visibility Matters

Visibility is one of the most important things if you are building a business, especially an online business. In the business world, seldom do things “just happen.” Everything has a particular process or journey.

You do not want you to be the best kept secret when it comes to building your business. You need eyeballs to see what you have. The secret stuff may work for McDonald’s Big Mac sauce or KFC’s secret herbs and spices…but not for your business. You need people to know what you are doing.

In fact, author Grant Cardone mentioned in his book The 10X Rule the following quote.

“Our problem is not money, it is actually obscurity.”

Let’s face it, no one knows your name. Sure your friends, family and close network may know of you from past experience. But chances are they may not know your business or the journey behind building that business. If no one knows your name, then no one knows you are open for business.

One of the things I have learned as an entrepreneur is to be available to serve others. For example, if a leader requests me to do something, I will make myself available. The reason why I would do that is because that creates more value and visibility for myself and my business. I make a daily attempt to learn something new, then find ways to teach it to someone. Trust me, there is value in being able to teach something to someone. Do not let what you think you may not know backfire on what you can learn.

Being visible is the secret to success. You need to step up daily. Get out of your comfort zone, and get into your money zone! Breaking free from that comfort zone will produce results for you and your business. Become the leader!

If you want a 6 or 7-figure business, then you will have to get used to being uncomfortable. Simple as that. To start embracing such discomfort, I’m going to issue you a challenge.

CHALLENGE: For the next 90 days, go out for all out massive action inside of your business! Get those massive results, climb the ranks and get super uncomfortable!

I’m going to provide you with 5 simple ways to increase your visibility STARTING TODAY!

  • Create Valuable Content Daily

    • Go out and share your knowledge and post it online somewhere. There’s seven days in a week, so don’t think about taking a day off. Personally, I don’t take days off when I have not hit my goals. When I reach my goals, then I give myself a little rest, but not much, because I know on the other side…I have the next set of goals to accomplish.
    • Make it a point to learn something new and teach it to someone. Do not assume everyone knows how to do something, just make it happen.
  • Attend Events

    • Make time to attend events in your niche, and mingle with other people there. Introduce yourself. Remember, if no one knows your name, then they cannot buy from you. It is sad to say this, but as a business owner, your income begins in someone else’s bank account. Find a way to make the transaction from that person to your business. It sounds obvious, but there are plenty of business owners who do not realize that fact. Make connections with people.
  • Record Live Videos Daily

    • The interesting thing about live videos is that you cannot edit them. Sounds crazy right? Live video creates a know, like, and trust factor. Creating a live video allows you to become an instant authority. You can record a live video on any subject related to your niche. For example, maybe you read a book in your field and you want to share what you learned. What are you doing to take away and implement in your business today?
  • Host a Free Workshop

    • This is another opportunity to teach what you know. Whatever you have learned, be sure to implement it in your business. This workshop can be online or physically in front of a small group of people. Get creative. This is just another way for people to know your name and get familiar with what you do.
  • Create all out Massive Action

    • Set goals to explode your business. Shatter those goals! If you really want to make more money, then get more visible!

And remember, whatever you are trying to accomplish is right around the corner. You just need to travel to that uncomfortable zone and pull that success out from deep within you. Everyone can become successful, it’s just up to you if you want it that bad for yourself and your family.

To Starting Your Journey!

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