You Bought It, Now Build It

You bought it, now build it

In many ways, network marketing is a lot like the process of building a home. There are multiple steps in building a home. When you make up your mind that you are going to build this home, you become aware of the process it takes to accomplish. You become committed to the steps. For instance, you may have to be pre-approved for a loan. Then once you get the money, now it’s time to purchase your land.

After your initial purchase in your MLM opportunity, you get enamored with all the bells and whistles. Now you have to develop the basics to get you started and going in network marketing. I have often referred to the basics as the PS3 system, if you aren’t aware of that, please read that post. In fact a great work lays out the blueprint of becoming a  network marketing professional is GoPro by Eric Worre.

Worre mentions 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

  1. Finding Prospects
  2. Inviting Prospects to Understand Your Product/Opportunity
  3. Presenting Your Product/Opportunity to Prospects
  4. Following Up with Your Prospects
  5. Helping Your Prospects Become Customers or Distributors
  6. Helping Your New Distributors Get Started Right
  7. Promoting Events

When starting the home-building process, you may check “For Sale” advertisements in the area you want to build. You also drive around to potential neighborhoods to get familiar with the area. Those things build a vision of how you want to live. In network marketing, building your list is equivalent to this facet of home-building. You have to decide who you want on your team, so you factor in various leadership qualities you embody and you desire from your team. Just like you have an idea of how you want your house to look, you know what you want your team to look like. That vision will take you to the next facet of the home-building process, pre-approval.

Following going to an institution and getting pre-approved for a home loan, you are closer to building that home. You know for sure what that home is going to look like. After qualifiying your list, you know the kind of people you want as business partners. It becomes time to share your vision. It is time to make that purchase.

During the purchase phase, you have the funds from your financial institution. Some eager team members have bought into your vision and have created their own journey. Now that you have team members, it’s time to go full speed ahead and build. Once you master the entry-level of your MLM’s compensation plan, it is time to build from the foundation. You have unlocked your roadmap to success.

To succeed in network marketing, you must play the game of seek and find. Although “hide and seek” was a great children’s game of the past, that is not the way to succeed in this industry. You can build a lucrative income on a part-time or full-time basis; just not on a sometime basis. Network marketers must always be looking for top talent. A recruit is not a recruit without a recruit. A team is not a team unless it is deep. For most network marketing ventures, a team is not a team unless it is eight levels deep. You must think big.

The price of the home is what you are willing to pay, but at end of the process, you have to account for the total cost to get the job done. Everyone is not willing to pay the cost. I’ve mentioned before how price is different from cost. You must be willing to pay the cost.

Building requires being on top of a number of specific details. Successful network marketers are masters of specific details. Those network marketers do the necessary things to produce income. Non-income producing activities equal no income. Daily administration of IPA’s is a step toward network marketing success. Wealth builds income, but depth builds stability. The key is to keep building and keep grinding.

During the building process, delays can happen. This process is called attrition. We must build stronger to prevent attrition. How to prevent attrition?

  • go back to the blueprint to your success
  • re-read your materials
  • grown your understanding in your MLM opportunity and network marketing as a whole

By putting those things into practice, you can build the house (literally or figuratively) of your dreams. Do not mistake your network marketing success for it’s arrival. Keep your foot on the pedal and maintain the daily IPA grind. Are you willing to push through your “why’s”? I know I am, and I know you can as well.

Go out and live your dream!

Become a Master Builder, in your life as well as your network marketing career. Build your dream house, then build your dream community!

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