Burning Desire

Where is your Burning Desire?

Having a burning desire is the start of any level of success. Not just “kinda”, “wanna”….not just “try”, but the burning desire to do it. When I think of burning desire, I think of a story in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich regarding Edwin C. Barnes.

It was in the early 1900’s when one Barnes (an aspiring inventor) came from the Midwest, and had a burning desire to partner with Thomas Edison; one of the greatest inventors of all time. Although Barnes planned to work with the great inventor side by side, he faced several challenges which almost made his dream of being Thomas Edison’s business associate seem like a chasing after the wind. Barnes kept at his desire, until it presented itself several months later. Not only did Barnes and Edison work together at that moment, but they spent years creating several inventions. Barnes literally thought and worked his way to his goal.

This book really transcends time, and I highly recommend you read it, you will not be disappointed.

Some people give themselves too many options. Wake up when your get tired of being in the same crappy situation. In this industry, you have to power to change your children’s financial bloodlines. Stop having the mentality that you can do this or that if some activity does not work. That shows a clear absence of focus. There are times in which you may need to burn the bridge behind you, put your head down and go to work. Achievement requires aim. Such aim to smash your goals. What are your goals?

Our burning desire cannot be greater than the person wants it for themselves.

  • What is your burning desire?
  • What is your major focus?

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

It’s a shame to be in business and not attempt to do what is needed in order to receive a return on your investment. STEP YOUR GAME UP!

Remember, the new retirement is death! There is always work to do, and always money to be made.

I have no more desire for someone else who does not want success for themselves. I can look and see how much desire a person possess. I refuse to help your children more than you. I refuse to care about helping you pay your bills more than you care about paying your own bills. I refuse to get involved in your goals more than you are involved in your own goals. I will not work for you. I will work with you. I will match your energy. I refuse to have more desire than you want it for yourself.

You have to participate in your own rescue.

Do you have the burning desire? If so…to do what?

Take inventory into your bank account. Is it where you want to be? Think about your child’s school system…does it match the kind of educational opportunity you desire for your child to succeed? What about the neighborhood…is it safe enough to have a family? Also the car you drive…is it the car of your dreams or just to get by? Stop settling for mediocrity.

Remember: A good man leaves an inheritance…are you leaving your children bills or wills?

Get after those goals!
To Creating Your Network Marketing Kingdom!

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