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The scoreboard tells you all you need to know about your efforts.

I mentioned competition on yesterday’s post, and offered tips on how to thrive in a competitive society. Today, I want to keep competition as a theme, but switch up the perspective. As entrepreneurs, we know that everyday we face constant challenges in order to run a successful business. But there are some entrepreneurs who compete, yet they do are not successful because they fail to grow their business. This post will discuss a business scoreboard and how you should use it to your advantage.

What is a business scoreboard?

The great thing about sports is there is some form of scoring system. This system lets you know who is leading and who is losing. Based upon having a scoring system; you get the anguish, excitement, exhilaration and disappointment that goes with the respective results. Business is also a game where people win and lose – yet most businesses don’t have any sort of scoreboard at all.

Every team should know the scoreboard of their respective business in order to know where they stand. You have seen me mention how it is essential to compete but not compare to others. The truth reigns supreme here when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Do not be afraid to do what it takes to elevate, it will take your family to the next level.

During yesterday’s post, I mentioned several scenarios in which we face competition in our daily lives. There is not a day that goes by in which we are not competitive. Entrepreneurs are bred to grow their business and provide for their families. They want to win in a major way in all areas of their lives. I would advise you to set a mark for yourself. Make that mark specific and tangible so you can constantly review it and implement an action plan. You are on a mission to become the best version of yourself, so start today to work on those goals.

There are levels to success. We can all agree on that. We all have different views of what success looks like to us, that’s what makes everyone unique. For example, when I travel, I love 5-Star resorts. I had my first 5-Star resort experience about five years ago, and loved it. Following that stay in Jamacia, I never want to travel to a resort beneath 5-Stars. That travel experience internally set the standard of where I feel like I should accept. I do not want to experience anything below that standard. Now I’m sure not everyone feels that same about resorts as I do, but that’s my preference. The point I want to address is whatever you feel that you deserve, you should satisfy that feeling. If you want the new BMW car, then compete in order to get it. In order to get the things you want in life, you must compete for them.

Know the language

Every business has specific goals that are to be met within a specific timeframe. Many businesses issue incentives to ensure productivity and boost morale. One important strategy for enterpreneurs to engage in is to talk about breaking records. Since many business owners are competitive in their respective businesses, it makes natural sense for them to discuss something like a new record sales mark.

In network marketing, rank advancement is truly a motivating accomplishment all in its own. So how do you make a rank advancement? Well first, you must be competitive. You must attract competitive people in order to grow your business. Becoming a “do-it” first leader is paramount. By competition in a major way, you are duplicating your efforts, which will lead you to increasing your team.

Why is the scoreboard so important?

Have you ever wondered why most sports arenas have their scoreboards in the center? So they can be easily seen. Why is your business scoreboard available for your reiew? That is because you are measured with everything that you do.

What is the scoreboard for your business? All businesses use profit as their scoring measure. After all, if you are not in business to make a profit, then why are you in business? For network marketers, their scoreboard is their respective back office numbers. Some companies call their back office a geneology, others call it something different.

Your Business Navigation System

This scoreboard is essential to understanding what play needs to be called in order to reach a desired goal. Athletes and coaches look at the scoreboard during a game to gain an understanding of what adjustments need to be made. The scoreboard yields a visual snapshot of the game at that given time. As entrepreneur, you can assess the current business situation at any given time. Many business owners spend years not tracking sales in their business and wonder why they aren’t successful. It is extremely important to know where you are in your business.

Your business scoreboard is like a navigation system. We live in such a technologically advanced society, where we can get the answers to literally everything. The information is readily available with the use of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You must use all you can to your competitive advantage. Leverage your tools and allow them to uncover your inner greatness.


I am on a quest to get better and better each day. Each day, I make a point to figure out something that makes me feel as though I am getting better during my meditations. I constantly analyze my business’ scoreboard and find ways to make adjustments accordingly. If you do not analyze your business; you may as well be bowling without pins. Once you get better each day, then you will love who you are becoming along the way. Enjoy your journey and keep getting better.

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