Check Your Inner-Me

 Our greatest enemy is our inner-me.

It does not take a network marketing professional to tell you that some people will say one thing, yet do another. What most people do not realize is that your self-conscious cannot take a joke.

The words you say are seeds that can be planted and harvested to produce both good or bad results.

So if you are constantly saying things like “Nobody is joining my team”; then guess what, that’s exactly what is happening. You are exactly right in that instance. Words are capable of bringing a harvest in your life. Those words are either going to be the nourishment that aids your growing dreams, or the poison to destroy them.

You have to set your OWN course. It is your journey for a reason. In many ways, I like to think of my journey through network marketing like real estate. You start with a piece of land; or in our case your basic inexperience with network marketing. You are a blank slate. In this stage your “value” would be what others think you are worth; just like how jobs set their respective employment rates. So you decide to build a house on that land, or in terms of network marketing, you create your brand and gain a following, which increases your value. In network marketing, you have to ability to raise your own bar and create your worth based on the value you add to the marketplace.

I was a fresh winner that day. (May 2008)

I truly realized the power of my words while I was in college. During my final year of college, I remember wanting to win a journalism award. Seeing all of the past awards won by our student newspaper inspired me to win one of my own. I love recognition, and was willing to do whatever it took to receive such distinction. I put a plan together and worked toward reaching that goal. Later that year, I celebrated winning several journalism awards, as you can see in the above picture.  This was a true testament to powerful words can be once you follow with action.

I’m a firm believe of making daily affirmations. These declarations, when spoken aloud, can elevate your belief and change your confidence. The newfound confidence will ultimately affect your odds and help you create your results. Much of our success boils down to our belief; in our company, in our role, and within ourselves. So let me ask you:

  • What are you saying about yourself or your team on a daily basis?
  • What are your thoughts?

Remember…to speak life into your dreams. Invest in yourself. Constantly work to improve your “inner me.”

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