Competition is the essence of any business endeavor.

People have to learn how to compete. I don’t believe people like to be measured, but competition is a must in order to reach success. Competition is everywhere in life. When we were kids; we often competed in sports, school, and other life areas. Yet it bothers me that people do not like to be measured when they get into adulthood. Winning is not everything….it is the only thing.

Competitive Spirit is important

Quite frankly, I do not like to lose. I do not like to see my siblings lose. I am always looking for people with both competitive spirit and humility.  Humility means a lot to me because it is the greatest example of strength under control. With whatever I put an effort into, I want to be #1, not #2. One of my high school coaches used to remind us that 2nd place is just the first place loser.

Granted if I earned 2nd place in a competition; I would be happy, but my focus is set on first place. Entrepreneurs should focus on competing. There is no reason why anyone should be afraid of competing. I know for a fact that no one enjoys losing.

A few questions have crept into my mind, I will list them below:

  • Are you living in the house you are supposed to live in?
  • Do you own the car you are supposed to own?
  • If you have children, do your children attend the correct school? (The school, not based on where you live, but based on your competitive spirit?)
  • Are you fighting and competing for your family to win?

Take your life to the next level!

Everyone is competing around you, when are you going to wake up? The question is are you competing for those you love?

Let’s be honest, I am not competing against other people all of the time. I am competing against myself so that I can be the best version of me on a daily basis. I tend to think of these things daily:

  • Where am I supposed to be?
  • What house and I supposed to live in?
  • Have I given it everything I have?

Are we truly giving it everything? Have you reached where you are supposed to be based on your competitive spirit and ability to win for your family? I truly hope you are taking this post into consideration.

We have been created by God for success, but we have been pre-conditioned for failure.”

I truly believe in the above quote. Everyone, internally, has the innate desire to be the absolute best. However, few are truly reach their goals. Society has been programmed to not go outside the lines. Why is it so difficult to go all out for your goals? I believe it is because people are truly fearful of what they do not see for themselves.

How do we get that drive?

Becoming a winner is tough, but the reward is so sweet. I admire professional athletes for their sheer drive to reach their goals. Many pro athletes put their mind and body through so much to attain their respective level of success. But how do they acquire the drive?

One way to develop an unstoppable drive is to get around competitive people. Simply being in a winning environment can propel you to succeed in a major way. I have once heard that your bank account will reflect the five people you spent most of your life with. I also believe that entrepreneurship is much the same way. If you hang around lazy people, you too will be lazy. Do not be afraid to step in a circle of like-minded people. You should not be the smartest in your circle, that should never be your goal.

The primary objective to getting around competitive people is to watch how the winners conduct themselves. These individuals are living proof of what success should look like, and they are modeling that success for you to emulate. What better time to discuss winners than this weekend. This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will face the New England Patriots for Super Bowl 51. Truth be told, no matter what the result of the game, both teams are winners. I say that because both the Patriots and Falcons have done everything they could possibly do to reach the ultimate stage; which is the Super Bowl. The two teams simply have to play one final game to crown a champion. The teams have paid the price to get there.

Will you pay the price to transform your family’s future?

Let’s look at other areas of life that involve competition.

When you are at the bank, you are competing to get a mortgage loan in order to live in that desired neighborhood you have had your eyes on.

If you are in a Mercedes-Benz dealership, waiting on a response from the finance department, you are waiting on an employee to say “we think you are a winner” based upon analysis of your credit and financial statements.

The college admissions process is another form of competition that you (or your children) have to encounter. These colleges are looking for the “cream of the crop” students based on analysis of grades, recommendations, personal statements, standardized test scores and extracurricular pursuits. Competition is literally everywhere in the world, and always all around you.

Acquire a competitive accountability partner

This is the first thing that will move you in the right direction. I will go on a limb and tell you; you cannot be in my circle and not be competitive. I mean that wholeheartedly. Accountability partners will whip you into shape, and keep you focused on what you need to do in order to reach your goals.

We are faced with competition on a daily basis, it’s our job as entrepreneurs, if we choose to face competition head on or run from it. Life will always challenge you in ways unknown, but you must be willing to face the task at hand. Winning is not everything…it is the only thing.

Are you going to win for your family?

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