Don’t Settle for Less than Your Best

Always Deliver Your Best

I had a gut check over the weekend, and I would like to share this with you.

Make today the day you start to give everything your absolute best. It doesn’t matter where you are in your business right now, just make the effort to be your best.

Don’t Settle for Less Than Your Best

We should always seek to do our very best in every possible fashion. Whether we are seeking new customers or building a team, you must be committed to do the best you can. What is the best? I like to think that the best effort is a decision in which an entrepreneur promises to make a full-fledged attempt to produce as much value, as possible to the public.

You must do your best in order to learn more about yourself. I have come to the understanding that many people do not want to stretch themselves. People typically develop a tendency to do what is comfortable for them. I have mentioned many times that nothing resides in the comfort zone other than mediocrity. In order to break that mediocrity, you must bring your best effort to your business. When you place your best efforts forward, then you are already on your way to surpassing your potential.

You will be amazed at you what you can accomplish

I love hearing stories of individuals overcoming extraordinary odds in order to accomplish goals. The stories surrounding NBA players Isiah Thomas and Patrick Beverley respectively, really strike a chord with me when I think of this topic. Both Thomas and Beverley had received gut-wrenching news that family members have passed away prior to a playoff game. Last month, Thomas lost his sister in a tragic car accident. Beverley’s grandfather passed away yesterday.

Of course this is news no one wants to hear before going to work, yet Thomas and Beverley both performed extremely well in their games and led their respective teams to victory. Now I realize everyone is not a professional athlete. However the point I am making is despite the unfortunate circumstances, both Thomas and Beverley gave their best effort at their craft. If Thomas and Beverley can perform their best despite unbelievable grief, just imagine what you are capable of in your business.

I realize everyone is different, but it leads me to ponder; are we really giving our best in our businesses? What if we give our best at serving people? How different would things be if we give our best in every business we are involved in?

Network marketing has that capability

Why not make up your mind to help one family a week. Network marketing produces the unique opportunity to help others at an astronomical rate. Just think, if at least one family was helped a week….how many records would be broken?

Stop killing time

I have come to realize that a lot of people are simply just killing time. Many people are treating time as if it were a renewable resource. On the other hand, you cannot kill time without injuring eternity. Time is precious. Every bit of the time we have matters. Today matters. Stop wishing for more time, and start working for it. You are only endangering your future, and that is one thing you cannot exchange.

You see a home-based business can be run on a part-time or full-time basis…..just not on a no-time basis.

One thing is certain, every day yields a withdrawal of 84,600 seconds of time you can never get back. How you truly invest your time is the direct representation in proportion to what you understand, entertain, and are interested in.

When you kill eternity

When you kill too much time, you start to affect future generations. See you aren’t just working your business for yourself, you are building to create generational wealth. The real generosity of the future lies in what you are giving to the present. Are you giving your all to your business? Will you become one of the leaders who wants to win for their family?

Your success is your responsibility. That’s why I endorse both entrepreneurship and network marketing. You cannot blame anyone else if you aren’t giving your best effort.

Make today be the day you stop settling for mediocrity, and start giving your all out best.

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