Game of a Lifetime

It’s no secret that this is the month of independence is right around the corner.

What a fitting month to get back on the grind in your network marketing business. Let’s make sure that you run through the tape in the coming weeks!

Leverage any events (either online or live) that can help take you to the next level. Make sure you spread the message to get as many prospects in front of your MLM’s information.

A successful business formula is 10% business activity and 90% mindset. You must have the mindset to accomplish your goals. When I think of superior mindset; I think of boxing promoter Don King.

Don King is perhaps this generation’s best boxing promoter, yet he have never thrown a punch. I’ll let that sink in. King understands timing and understands promoting. We must understand timing and become the best promoters of our industry.

Do not be afraid of the “no’s” that come along with this business. In fact, eat more “no’s” for dinner. The right “yes'” will come your way. In order to get those “yes'”, you must get more exposures to your opportunities. It takes drive.

Get rid of fear. Go out there and get some prospects. Challenge yourself to signing up more distributors. Push yourself. There is a price to be paid in order to call your own shots. The price you pay to call your own shots is different than for someone else to control you. You must realize that in network marketing, you can call your own shots.

How fitting that the NBA Finals is upon us. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are battling for this year’s NBA title. However you stack it up, you have some of the world’s best athletes vying for the opportunity to become an NBA Champion.

Specifically for LeBron James, this is his seventh NBA Finals appearance. Many pundits will mention that LeBron has only won two Finals to date, but those are two rings that plenty of other NBA players (past and present) have never had the chance to win.

The mere fact that LeBron James has put his team in the position to win a title seven times in his career is magnificent. There are some players playing tonight that have never been in that situation. There are some players that will never see that opportunity again.

This just shows how precious and sensitive timing can be in life. Do not squander this opportunity. Take advantage of this opportunity and go out there and succeed!

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