Get Out of Your Head

Get Out of Your Head & Into Action!

Network marketers are passionately devoted to learning and growth. Unlike other industries, we are devour personal development. We are readers. We listen to podcasts. There are people who watch videos. Others are attending events and taking notes. Marketers are constantly learning. Well I have a message to marketers who may be struggling….it’s quite simple…get out of your head and into action!

Personal development without action is useless.

How many people do you know who just keep getting educated? They keep getting another degree or certification, but they haven’t shared that knowledge to the world. These people keep that knowledge trapped in their head. Then as a result, they keep learning (and it’s fine, if that’s what they want to do). If it’s really important to have those certifications and those initials behind your last name, that’s fine.

However learning does not create an income, action does.

Learning does not create a network, action does. Also learning is not going to create duplication. Action will create duplication. I do not want you to think that learning is not important, it just has its place. We learn, we practice, we take action. When we learn, we move. Guess where the real work is done in network marketing…in the action.

I had to learn the hard way.

You can study all the manuals, watch all the videos, and read as many books as you can…then do a presentation and see what actually works out for you. The presentation you create and share will generate more income than reading any book.

Do not get trapped in personal development thinking you made progress.

Please do not confuse personal development with progress. You must take action on the personal development. If you do not take action on the personal development, it becomes lost. You become the most educated, undervalued person around. You can have all of the answers but none of the income. I’m sure you know these people. These individuals have all the knowledge in the world, but no skill.

Remember, the knowledge is important, but the action determines your income.

To Stepping Out and Becoming Great!

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