How to Get More Results

The secret to get more results in your network marketing career is simple: Focus.

Every morning you should wake up asking yourself “What am I focused on today”? If the answer to that question is drama, the news or anything else negative…then you need to adjust your focus. I assure you that things will change if you ask that question daily.

An intense amount of focus can be duplicated. If your energy is not full-time toward your focus, then you are not ready to attain massive action. You are not ready to be a six-figure business owner if you are not willing to be laser-focused. Being an entrepreneur is not like having a job; you are your boss. You are also your business!

You may be wondering, what should you be focused on?

  1. Results: If you are not focused on getting results every single day, then your focus is not in the right direction. What does that mean…a result? A result for you could be 5 daily leads, could be 10 daily leads…etc. Everything revolves around you reaching your desired results.  Jim Rohn has been quoted, “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” Sure the disciplines are simple to do, but easy not to do them. Most people choose not to do the simple tasks, yet complain when they have yet to reach their projected success.
  2. Goals: What are your goals? Are your goals constantly in your face? If not, you shall write (not type, but write by hand, it enhances your motivation) down your goals and read them daily. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you should become obsessed with reaching your goals. In fact, Grant Cardone mentions this is his book the 10X Rule. Cardone reveals how your level of obsession should mimic that of professional athletes and singers. If you think of it, professional athletes and singers are so obsessed with their respective goals that many “everyday” people often consider them crazy. In actuality, in order to become successful, you may have to possess a certain level of crazy. There’s nothing wrong with being a little insane. Being a successful entrepreneur takes a little bit of crazy, so you should embrace your inner-crazy. Be obsessed with the mission. In fact what is your mission? Do you have a purpose? Why are you willing to go through so many obstacles in order to accomplish said goals?

The truth of the matter is either you are going to make the decision to become laser-focused and go on a mission of your life or you will stay where you are. Only you can decided if you are ready for that kind of success.

What are your motivations?

  • Motivations are something to be focused on
  • Income-producing activities: to be focused on IPA’s you must be aware of what you are doing. I like to mention the “I don’t have time” myth. Whenever you claim to not have time for something I want you to imagine this: what if you got paid $1 million for what you claim to not have time for? We all claim to not have time. Yet we all have the same amount of time every day, but the successful people capitalize from that time. You can find the time, but are you focused on the right habits?
  • Be aware and track what you do on a daily basis. This allows you to continue to be laser-focused on your mission.

Which leads me back to what are you focused on today? You can get results today, but what about a week from today? How many of you will be focused today, but a month from now will have lost your focus? Loss of focus is a part of being a human, but you must develop the strength to become laser, obsessively focused on your mission. Every single thing you do throughout the day needs to revolve around your mission. Entrepreneurship is not something you do one day or two, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle!

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