Income Producing Activities

Income Producing Activities (also called IPA’s) are activities you can do to actually get your business sales quickly and you should be spending most of your work time on these EACH DAY.

You need to have daily IPA’s that give you the chance to make money that same day or as soon as possible.

If you’re spending the majority of your time doing non-income producing activities, then you are setting yourself up for nothing but frustration and disappointment.


Below are some examples of IPA’s

  • Sharing Your Opportunity (also called Prospecting): try to talk to 5-10 people daily
  • Build New Relationships (Networking): build the relationship before you can ever share the opportunity. You are NOT selling anything at this stage; your focus is on building the relationship. Spend an hour a day on Faceboook or Google+ (to name a few) and start-up some conversations with people. Friend the interesting people who are discussing business and current events. Join groups and get connected in forums, start to add value to the conversations going on there. People will take notice and start to look at you as a leader.
  • Follow-Up: the fortune is in the follow-up.
  • Creating content daily: this activity won’t lead to quick sales, but will build your brand and maintain it for a long-term business that creates sales almost automatically after consistently sticking with it.
  • Emailing your list: must be collecting email addresses and following up with them every day using broadcast emails and autoresponders.
  • Building a presence on social media
  • Do paid advertising if possible
  • Hangouts, webinars, or conference calls should be done once a week: become good at speaking, closing, and getting people to take action. Become the leader that allows you to increase your sales. Do something live weekly and invite them, so you can get good at solving their problems and getting them to buy your stuff.

Remember: 80% of YOUR time should be focused on prospecting/selling product…and the other 20% focused on education and personal development.

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