Levels to Relentless

Levels to Being Relentless

There are levels to being relentless. I have already discussed the term relentless and its definition. If you need a refresher, or want to read that post for the first time; you may find it here.

As each day progresses, we can all be doing more. We cannot allow other people to miss out on a wonderful opportunity. Network marketers must continuously embrace their unique opportunities to help families gain financial freedom. It is imperative.

I have been reading the book entitled Relentless by Tim S. Grover. Grover is a world-renowned sports performance trainer, and has worked with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and other athletes on improving their mental toughness for athletic competition.

One quote in the book I find to be interesting below:

Relentless isn’t merely about sports performance. There are cleaners in everyday life.”

The elite athletes, the wealthiest executives, the smartest students, the strongest firemen, etc. While they are all are great at what they do, some will excel at a higher level.

Take inventory in yourself and ask the following question: Can you perform at a different level?

Continue to make yourself better. Remember, this is a journey that you are undertaking, not a sprint. Continue to add value, and never settle for mediocrity. Anyone can be mediocre, but not everyone can be great.

What can I do better today?

We must take into account to see what greatness really looks like. We all have to breakdown what being relentless looks like to us. Being relentless is different for everyone. What may work for me may not work for you and vice versa. But you must figure out what being relentless means for your current situation.

People do not plan to fail, they fail to plan.

That is a huge difference. A lot of people like to use measuring rubrics to visualize success. I’ll list a few measuring standards are listed below to get your mind going:

  • Take a look at your compensation plan. The compensation plan is a telling sign of where your business must be in order to advance to the next rank. If you are not hitting that desired mark, then you have more work to do. Remember, your income is a direct reflection of the value you are bringing to the marketplace. If you want to rank advance, then go and help more families realize their goal of financial freedom.
  • I’ve mentioned rank advances in my previous point, but I want to stress the value of reaching the next level. Network marketing is a relationship business. I cannot stress that enough. The more people you can reach, the more influence you can carry…which in turn can bring you more freedom. The key is creating more “in spite of you” opportunities, not more “because of you” opportunities.
  • Many MLM companies issue promotions to energize their members. Most of the promotions are geared toward more sales or sign ups. You must be motivated to improve yourself daily. Network marketing is a way to improve your current situation and others for the better. Take advantage of that opportunity. Do not squander it. You have the power to influence many people. Use that influence in a positive manner.

Remember, clutch is about being last minute, relentless is every minute!

I will go on record and say that it is not that difficult to help at least one person a week. It doesn’t even have to be financial help that I’m talking about either. But it doesn’t take much effort to help someone. But as network marketers, we must do the activities that gain results. It’s IPA’s that keep your bank account from drying up.

Being relentless means never being satisfied. Satisfaction is pure contentment. Simple as that. Maybe I look at it differently, but I always want to get better. I am always looking for a way to improve. This means creating new goals every time you reach your personal bests. If you are good, that means that you don’t stop until you are great. Also if you are great, then you do not stop until you are unstoppable.

I love this profession, and I am determined to win for everyone in my organization. One of my mottos is “Everyone Eats.” And that’s true. I am never satisfied. There are levels to my relentless attitude, and I hope this post unveiled those levels for you. Go out there and make the sacrifice to win in a major way.

Are you being paid in a relentless manner? If not, then you have work to do. Let’s get going.

To raising your relentless behavior to a new level!

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