Mind of a Champion

Being a champion begins in the mind.

Today is Day 2 of my celebration of the great Muhammad Ali, and how many facets of his life can help improve your network marketing career. This post will discuss the mind of a champion.

When I think of being a champion, I think of the relentless pursuit of attaining a specific accomplishment. I admire the strong mindset of anyone who desires to become a champion. The mindset is so important because it provides direction toward that desired goal. The mind of a champion is constant, and consistent; many can say even obsessed. In order to succeed at something, one must have some level of obsession. After all, what else will fuel you to succeed? I will discuss five components that make up the mind of a champion: preparation, attitude, practice, learning to win, and being in the moment.

Preparation (or mental toughness)

People want to be champions, but do not want to prepare like a champion. You must realize that you are in a battle everyday. You are in a fight everyday. Each day is a 24-round (or hour) battle to show you can be the best version of yourself. If you are not prepared for that battle, then you are in serious trouble. Many people will not go after what they don’t believe they can achieve or obtain. I always try to have an end-game in mind. I visualize each accomplishment before it happens. I constantly revisit my “why’s”, because that’s what makes me strive to be a better Quentin.

For Muhammad Ali, that trigger was that stolen bike that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. That stolen bike triggered Ali to feeling anger among other feelings. Feelings in which he never wanted to revisit in his life. What is your trigger? You need to take inventory and search for what moments may have depressed you and channel that emotion elsewhere. Find out what that trigger is so you never return to that dark place again.


You cannot control the birds flying overhead, but you can control if they build a nest on your head.

That’s one of the things that an old football coach told me, and I still apply it to my life. There are two things specific to this industry that you do have complete control:

  • whether or not to present your business opportunity
  • how to respond to adversity

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what happens how you respond to adversity. Always remember faith untried and untested cannot be trusted. If you cannot control your attitude then you cannot control your life. Henry Ford mentioned “Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, then you are right.” Do you think that Muhammad Ali ever went into a fight with a “I’m going to lose” attitude? Of course not. So why are you defeating yourself before you even step in the ring? Set your thermometer to the right attitude; the attitude for success.


“I hated every minute of training, but I said ‘Don’t Quit.’ Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

I know I mentioned this quote in yesterday’s post, but it reigns true for today as well. People want to shine like a diamond, but are not willing to go the manufacturing process. Much like the process to create a diamond, you must repeat a particular process over and over until you get it perfected. Champions are not made in the spotlight, instead they are revealed there. That is why it is extremely important that whatever you do in the dark comes to light. Feed your fate to starve your doubt.

Practice is everything. Practice allows you to stay plugged into the moment. Your practice creates a winning culture. A way to think of how important practice can be is to think of the Wizard of Oz. All of the characters had their own individual desires, but needed each other to fulfill them. When the characters developed an individual mindset, that’s when odd stuff started to happen (like the flying monkeys, etc).

Being in the moment/Learning to win

Being in the moment builds resiliency. You learn how to win by learning from your mishaps. Adversity builds your character, and defines your spirit. We all are built to win, yet prepared to fail without the correct mindset and skill set.

I am a firm believer that the job market creates a losing culture. Sure you trade time for money, but where is the true reward for the time you put in? Overtime? Oftentimes your education does not match your current occupation. In fact, many positions are filled by individuals who may have minimal credentials. Jobs do not endorse delayed gratification nor any of its benefits. These jobs simply want you to show up on time, do your work, receive pay for your time building someone else’s dreams. Then you constantly have to watch over your shoulders for the threat of possibly being fired. The job market enhances laziness.

We need to be relentless when it comes to our careers. Just like Ali fiercely prepared for each opponent, we must prepare ourselves for whatever tough times that may come our way. We all are built to win, but you possess the mind of a champion?

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