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There are four qualities that I am personally look for in selecting potential network marketing partners.

These four qualities are essential to the success of every network marketer. Every network marketer must have humility, hunger, poise and passion. I’ll explain all four qualities.

Humility: the state of being courteously respectful of others.

I value humility in potential partners. When I think of humility, I think back to last December, when I was on vacation in Jamaica. As I was making my way through the airport on my way to catch a shuttle, I couldn’t help but notice how humble the employees were. Even the drivers and other workers were so humble. American society, as a whole, needs to improve their practice of humility. In America, we typically have a habit of being too comfortable or too causal.

In order to succeed in network marketing, you need to drop your ego. Release one’s ego is a trait that is hard to find in American society. We need to act in a spirit of cooperation. We have to possess humility with our prospects as well as the people we choose to form partnerships. Issues are sure to arise when humility is not commonly practiced.

What makes network marketing unique is that you can benefit and learn from someone who has a lesser rank than yourself. Oftentimes in the traditional workplace, many subordinates’ ideas are suppressed or debunked from management. Many times entry-level employees are reprimanded for offering an opinion on various work-related issues. Unlike traditional employment, network marketers embrace independent thinking. Marketers are encouraged to listen and engage one another. They are also coachable. Network marketers are humble enough to follow a trusted system on their road to success. On the other hand, traditional employees spend countless hours (and in most cases, countless jobs) questioning the company’s benchmarks and established goals.

Hunger: to have a strong craving for

You do not have to teach a hungry man or woman how to satisfy their hunger. When you maintain the combination of humility and hunger, things will change in your network marketing business. No matter what you are going through in your network marketing business, you must not forget why you got started in the network marketing business in the first place. You embarked on this journey to help people. You started this journey to change your children’s financial bloodline. Maintaining hunger requires establishing a different mindset. For example, I constantly stay hungry for knowledge. I also stay hungry for success.

The recent events on the news make me think of how important it is to remain hungry. The things we hear and see on the news have little to do with our success, unless we allow them to affect our success. As network marketers, we have to stay hungry. You can see how deep a person’s “why” is by gauging their hunger. Hungry people never quit. They do whatever it takes to satisfy their hunger. Trust me, there’s plenty of “food” in network marketing.

A few years back, I had come across a quote during a meeting that changed my life. The quote was “I’m too young not to be a millionaire!”

Poise: to carry yourself with grace and elegance.

The sad truth is that we live in a cruel world; and everyone is not going to be nice to you. You have to possess the poise to stand gracefully in spite of adversity. I always say to myself and others “if it’s up to me, it’s meant to be.” Life happens to everybody. Everyone has to face adversity. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do to overcome such hardship. Adversity does not build your character, but it reveals your character.

Now that I think of it, perhaps the best network marketer was Jesus Christ. Jesus did not need any technology or catchy slogans; he simply said “Follow Me” and people were attracted to his poise. Could you imagine magnetic power of Jesus for him to utter a mere few words and develop a following? As network marketers, we need to focus on how we carry ourselves; as well as position ourselves as leaders.

Passion: a strong and barely controllable emotion

The final thing I look for in people to work with is passion. We need to be passionate about changing people’s lives. You do not need to seek perfection. I realize that I am not, nor will ever be, perfect. Passion is contagious. We must be passionate toward our dreams, goals, and team.

If I come across these four qualities, I’m almost certain that you would be a good fit on my team. If you feel that is the case, then reach out to me; I am actively looking for more humble, hungry, poised, and passionate individuals to work with me.

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