Duplication and Leverage

Successful network marketers understand the power of duplication and leverage.

Let’s face it, something isn’t necessarily good unless it can be duplicated. If only you can perform a specific task, then you may as well call it a job. Since that activity is a “job”, you may as well move back toward the hourly wage system. If you are reading this blog post, then you know that trading your time for money is ineffective.

The goal of every network marketer is to create long-term residual income. The goal is do something one time, and receive payment over and over again based on that initial transaction. This income has the potential to follow you for years, as long as your business partner remains active. As long as you continue to model the success of your respective MLM venture, your success will follow you for years. I like to think of myself as a runway model, showing off my MLM opportunity. You can think of yourself walking down the catwalk as well, attracting others to the great benefits of becoming your business partner.

You have to want to be duplicated and the person must want to duplicate your system. You must become the evidence that you are seeking to attract other business partners. You become the evidence by modeling your opportunity. Duplication is what success looks like in network marketing. Duplicating what your upline leaders have done to create your own unique success journey.

Below are a few things you should be duplicating:

  • live events (via home party or online): these activities can generate weekly income for you
  • PS3 (not the video game console, but the system)
  • 3rd party validation- allowing someone else (an upline leader) validate what you have exposed your prospect to view. Providing an outside opinion to your network marketing opportunity.

I realize that every MLM company has tools that aids in the success of its distributors. I have a secret to tell you:

None of the tools work, unless YOU DO!

You’ll want to model the same success as the leaders in your respective organization. I’ll provide an example. If you wish to start a McDonald’s franchise, you wouldn’t change the Golden Arches to green in hopes of getting customers to your location. You wouldn’t start selling sushi because you think your McDonald’s needs some Japanese flair. When you start a McDonald’s franchise, you follow their proven system, with consistency. It is all about doing the simple things consistently, that’s the principle of leverage.

Leveraging simply means to use something to your maximum advantage. For example, my MLM opportunity has live events going on a weekly basis. There is only one of me, but I can’t physically be at a meeting in multiple cities at the same time. However, I can rely on others that are in that location, duplicating the system that I have shown them, this allows me to have a vested interest in that market. This increases my marketshare, and therefore makes me more “in spite of me” (not because of me) income. Isn’t this powerful?

As a network marketer, we must have look at each week as seven days of all out massive action. During the week you must find a way to leverage the relationships that people have built. Leverage the tools that your MLM company has provided. Leverage the system by utilizing the proven success system to help people win.

“If you do not seek out allies and helpers, then you will be isolated and weak”

Let me ask you this…if everybody on your team was just like you, what kind of team would you have?

You should take inventory of yourself and ask that question. If everyone was leveraging just like you, what kind success would your team have? If everyone was duplicating just like you, what kind of success would your team have?

Those questions may hurt your feelings, but I will not stop providing you the truth that you need to excel in network marketing. You can change that today!

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