Power of Focus

The largest block on a persons’ success is their lack of focus.

There is no “magic bullet” formula or “secret pill” to give you success. Many people struggle personally and professionally because of their inability to focus.

I highly recommend reading The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield. The strongest takeaway from this book for me was the following quote.

“Successful people have successful habit because they focus on their strengths and what they are good at.”- Canfield

Many people lose focus because of various distractions. Obstacles are the things you see when you lose your focus. What kind of mission are you on? Personally, I am on a constant mission to obtain my personal ideal of the ultimate freedom.

If we really want freedom, then it requires a certain level of focus. Some people focus on playing too much, and end up not accomplishing their goals. It’s summer time, in other words its Grind Time! Find someone who is acutely focused on their goals. Link up with that person. Seeking out accountability partners are essential to progressing to your goals.

Do not let your “why” be your “why not”. Become relentless in your pursuit of your goals. Many people won’t make six figures because they stop at five. Keep pushing.

Go out there and make an impact on the world!

To Creating Your Network Marketing Kingdom!

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