Rejection 101


It’s something we all face as network marketers and is the downfall of many. It’s not easy to deal with rejection, but it’s a necessary part of the process and shows that you are truly working your business. Today, I will give a little insight on rejection and how to use it your advantage in your business. Let’s start by defining the word rejection.

Rejection is defined as the dismissal of refusal of a proposal or idea. Also to refuse to accept or believe something.

What is not found in that definition is the refusal or a person. That is because it does not exist. Rejection is not about you as a marketer, so you shouldn’t take it personal. When someone rejects your business opportunity, it’s not the end of the world. Some will join, some won’t; that’s just life. Rejection of my network marketing opportunities are like being servers at a restaurant. Servers don’t take it personal if they offer you drink refills or a dessert request. You just simply say no and they go on their way to their next table of guests. That’s the approach you must have as a network marketing professional.

Don’t take personal acquaintance rejection personal

I have shown my opportunity to plenty of friends and family members, and I have been rejected by plenty of them as well. I learned that I shouldn’t take their rejection personal because I had to realize that my business opportunity is not for everyone. You see; friends and family admire you from afar, but many of them do not have the same drive as yours. Many friends feel that they are “good” or “straight” doing what they are doing. They are afraid of their insecurities of people, not you.


When someone open up to listen to you to your business opportunity, they have accepted you. Even if they are being nice and letting you expose the opportunity to them, knowing full well they have no interest in joining, they have accepted you. They have accepted what you are doing, and inadvertently rejecting themselves. I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say that you have just joined an MLM and you are super excited and posted on Facebook that you just started your own home-based business. Within minutes you’ll see people liking and offering “congratulations” on your post. Many of these people are admiring you for the leap you made, but do not believe they can attain any success in the same endeavor. These people usually don’t think that success could come their way, and in turn, stick to their depressed comfort zone. As we all know, nothing grows in a comfort zone besides mediocrity.

Who are your prospects rejecting?

Suppose you have made it to the point in which you want to share more information with a prospect, and wish to get an upline on the phone in hopes of closing the sale. Hopefully you are using the PS3 formula I have mentioned previously. But if you use the PS3 formula, the upline receives the rejection. Not you. By telling the prospect more than what is needed, and possibly screwing yourself up, only stems in the way of possibly adding a new member to your team.

I love talking to my friends, but I love using others to convey the same message. And let’s face it, your friends and family don’t just want to hear from you regarding this opportunity. They would have a better chance of listening to a documented leader in the company, and not yourself. I’m not saying you aren’t successful. But if you are new, it’s best to rely on the upline to do most of the talking, use them as a resource. After all, if you have an upline who is making 6-figures a year…who would your prospect listen to…you or your upline?

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to set up 3-way calls and the like is to make sure you do the proper edification beforehand. It is a waste of your upline’s time if you discuss something vague or try to step in the way on a 3-way call. Make sure all parties are on the same page prior to the call or meeting. You never want to get yourself in a situation that could hurt your credibility. When you do the proper edification, you have a better chance of winning.

What do you lose when your prospect rejects?

This is actually my favorite segment of this post. That’s because I can be brutally honest. The fact is that I was born Quentin N. Gardner. When I joined network marketing, I was Quentin N. Gardner. And I am still Quentin N. Gardner. In all honesty, I will be Quentin N. Gardner if a prospect joins my network marketing business or not. And that is the truth. If they accept, then I have a new team member. But being rejected doesn’t affect me in any way. Which means I have absolutely nothing to lose.

See in this profession, the experience you gain is invaluable. You will hear a lot of excuses in this profession. But do not let any of that deter you. The experience you gain in this profession helps you learn how to win. I want you to win in a major way. Gaining more rejections makes you more resilient.

Once you be in the industry long enough, you will hear all the same objections to your opportunity. This profession is more mental than anything else. Actually I like to go to the hardest people I could speak to, just to get the rejection out of the way.

Final Thoughts

The network marketing profession is amazing. This profession has the cure to financial cancer. Each network marketing professional has the antidote to reverse their financial misfortunes. They also can do the same for others they come in contact with. So if you posses the shot that change a family’s financial bloodline forever, why not offer it to others? Why not share that information?

We have the greatest vehicle on the planet that can change the lives of so many people. All we have to do is share the information. Why not be the person to make a difference?

If your dreams are big enough, then get those rejections out the way.

To Getting Those Rejections Out of Your Way!

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