Be Relentless

Relentless (defined): oppressively constant; incessant.

Check some synonyms of relentless, such as: nonstop, never-ending, continual, interminable…and more.

Are you relentless?

Success in network marketing forces you to endure the process. Being relentless is equal to pressure; it is putting the pressure on your goals. You cannot slack off at all. Being relentless includes calling prospects, reading pertinient material, and other things needed to unlock the code of success.

What should you keep doing?

  • creating valuable content
  • making contact
  • creating IPA’s
  • attending live events
  • reading

You cannot pull up. Keep pressing until you unlock the safe code to success. You cannot be relentless without applying pressure. You have to keep your foot on the pedal and the success will be revealed. There is no on/off switch to success, unless you create one.

There has to be a relentless pursuit of your goals. You  should demand more of yourself than anyone would ever expect of you. I remember a football coach told me to delete the word “try” from your vocabulary. He mentioned that trying means “I’ll fail with honor”, meaning you have given up already. Essentially, you have given yourself a scapegoat.

Here’s a fact: Not everyone wants to embrace the relentless process.

Here are some things to consider regarding the relentless process:

  • What is going to take to achieve your goals?
  • What depth do you have for your pause button?
  • How much is it worth to you?
  • How much can you take?

Everyone wants to reach the first level of earning in my MLM opportunity, bring able to earn an extra $1,000 in income, but will you go through the process to earn it? Believe it or not, there’s a lot of people who are not willing to go through the necessary process. You have to make it your lifestyle.

Network Marketing must be a part of your life:

  • has to be engrained in you
  • makeup your mind that this is what you are gonna do
  • your business is wherever you go…off days equal no business
  • You have to act like there’s no other options

“I have to make this work”

  • It takes complete focus in order to gain complete results

You may be fearful, but you must be able to control your fears if you desire to be successful in network marketing. Below are some things to consider when controlling fear:

  • your inhibitions
  • Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real
    • self-doubt equals self-sabotage
  • blackout in progress
    • fear the fear and do it right away
      • do not let that fear stop you, let it drive you to success
      • turn fear into your ally
      • let that fear help you become relentless
    • Stop your fear, so you can be unstoppable
      • when you have no other option, choose to be unstoppable!


None of those individuals will make you good, great or unstoppable if you are not willing to put in the work. If you are waiting on something, then it’s on you. You are responsible for the relentless pursuit of your “why’s”. You need to put in the work for yourself and for those you love. Choose to be relentless in your life and business and watch the success come your way.

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