Season of Boldness

Season of Boldness

The Season of Boldness is upon us. This week we are approaching a season change. This Thursday is the first day of autumn, can you believe it? Autumn is my favorite season. The temperature is perfect. The leaves begin to change colors.

But the one thing I think of when fall approaches is preparation. As the temperatures fluctuate and fall, you want to consider a way to keep yourself warm since winter is on its way. Just like the temperature, you look for ways to keep your bank account warm.

We have reached the eason of boldness. You must position yourself for what may be tough times ahead. And this post will help guide you in the right direction.

The season of boldness, what does that mean?

There is no better time to create massive action in your business than right now. If you are a network marketer who is struggling and not making traction, now is the time to make the change.

Many times I’m not sure if most network marketers realize how powerful their vehicle (their business or products) can be. They have the unique ability to change the lives of families for the better, yet they do not take advantage of it. Network marketers need to get out of the mindset that they have a “secret business”. Secret businesses do not generate public money.

The vehicle is only as good as the driver.”

Five years from now, you are going to wish you have done more in your life. This is truly a window of opportunity. The network marketing industry is going to be a great financial opportunity five years from now. Right now you have an opportunity to become flat out wealthy, do not squander it.

The decisions you make today will determine where you are three to five years from now. Just like the previous decisions you made three to five years ago have placed you in your current situation today.

Do not become that person who regrets making any decisions. Do not become the person who “should have” or “would have” done more. Most people do not realize the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

I refuse to say I should have done more, instead I’m just going to do more. I’m going to execute and be bold. I will take advantage of this season of boldness.

Season of Separation

I realize that there may be a season of separation for some of you. I understand that not everyone is going to drive this vehicle. I know that not everyone will take advantage of this financial generating opportunity. It does not have to be that way. You can make a simple decision today and say “I’m going for it.”

Each individual person is independently responsible for their own individual happiness.”

Happiness resides in all of us. In fact, if you put happiness in front of a group of people, their biggest challenge would be finding happiness. Everything you need to be happy is inside of you.

I am happy for the man that I am. The man that I am becoming also makes me happy. How I can help others realize that their happiness is internal brings joy to me. I am happy because I have a vehicle that will allow others to tap into things that make them happy. I am happy that I can spend time with my family without asking someone’s permission.

This is a window designed to free the people. Network marketing is an adult game of follow the leader.

Shame on us if we do not take advantage of what we have. It is a shame if we don’t capitalize on what we have in our hands. We have something to free the people, let’s act on it.

Let’s act now, during our Season of Boldness!

To Starting Your Season of Boldness!

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