Spirit of Expectation

What is your spirit of expectation?

Take inventory of yourself and ask yourself the above question.

Whenever I think of a spirit, I think of something nonphysical that usually embodies some form of hope. A spirit is a collective of thoughts that form the qualities of a person in some way shape or form. Spirit is the hope that something will happen according to your expectations.

Today, I will uncover 3 areas that combine to form your spirit of expectation. These areas will be discussed and are related to your business as a whole. The three elements of your spirit of expectation are purpose, preparation, and persistence.


When you are living your purpose, everything becomes so clear. If you do not know your purpose, then abuse is inevitable. When you do not know the intent of a product, misunderstanding is inevitable. What is a misunderstanding?

A misunderstanding is when you do not comprehend something the way it is supposed to be understood. You need to know what is this thing and why do you intend to use it. For example, we all agree that the purpose of a chair is to sit on it. But you can also stand on a chair….you can line several chairs together and create a bench to lay down. Doing anything else with a chair other than sitting on it is a direct abuse of the chair’s purpose.

When we do not know our purpose, we begin go drift. We become directionless. Don’t sit on your purpose. Especially when our purpose is not about us. If the founders of your respective network marketing companies would have sat on their purpose, you would not be in the position you are in. You would not have your team, whether it is small or large, to motivate you. It all works together. Doesn’t matter what your company is, but we all have a purpose. We are all here on this planet for a limited amount of time. We must understand that our business is part of the purpose that brings fulfillment in our lives: our goals, dreams, other desires. When we become obedient to our purpose, we can help free so many people.

It is that obedience that can set the captain free, but many of us do not understand that we are the captain of our own destinies. Someone needs to be free from the alarm clock, or the time clock…because each individual is so much bigger than a cubicle. I’m not job-bashing, but jobs can be a catalyst that can lead you to or from your purpose. I say that because the decisions you make today can determine what position you are in 3 to 5 years from now. Those decisions can help to visualize your purpose or turn you away from it. Which leads me to preparation.


Just four years ago, I was in enrolled at graduate school and working at a car wash. I was disgruntled, underpaid and underappreciated. My life was not set up for me to work a mediocre job, making subpar wages. I understand a job is a job, and there are some great jobs out there; but I have always desired to work for myself. It has been that drive that lead me to becoming the entrepreneur I am today.

Where were you four years ago?

The truth is a lot of people feel that they are not growing, or not growing how they should. But you have to sit down an ask yourself. How prepared are you? Do you read? How’s your personal development going? What is your plan?

I’m sure you are fully aware that a failure to plan, means you are planning to fail. Preparation is what you do before your season even arrives. Just like professional athletes train during the offseason, business owners must prepare for what lies ahead in their business.

A friend of mine had told me this and this quote has resonated with me tremendously.

A job is what you are hired to do, work is what you are born to do.

We are always working on ourselves. The work we do on our own is the single-largest construction project we work on everyday. What are you working on? What monuments are your working on? How colossal will they be? 

A job is only for a specific time in your life. We have to think bigger than that. Success is not really a pursuit, but is predicated by the attainment of 3 laws : Purpose, preparation, and persistence. 


A lot of people have read the definition. But not everyone understands. Persistence is what leads you to prepare for your purpose. 

How it relates to this business?

Persistence develops your expectation to win. When you are talking to your prospects, are you sowing a seed of doubt into your own abilities? Will they be receptive? Are you going so self-sabotage your business? The answers should be no.

When I talk to prospects, I have in my mind that they will be one of two things…either a business partner or a customer. I’m about making a decision. In fact I have “Decision Collector” on my business card to validate exactly what I want, nothing more, and nothing less. I have stated that I am about the decisions. But I have to ask you. 

Are you ready to get decisions? How are you exposing your business? How often do you do it?

Final Thoughts

Network marketers must constantly guard against negativity. Our human anatomy serves as a reminder of how we should pursue our business. We have one mouth, and two ears. Therefore we can easily shut our mouths, but we must guard what goes in our minds via our ears. One way to prevent such negativity from seeping into our minds can be to develop a friendly alliance. Such an alliance offers encouragement throughout the toughest of times.

What’s your spirit of expectation?

After your persistence has prepared you to serve your purpose, then you are on your way to reaching prosperity.

To Reaching Your Prosperity!

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