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Success Compass

Entrepreneurship is a journey that I am enjoying more each day. It can be a struggle, but it is the pain that allows us to realize the beauty in this process.

Just last week, I ran into another entrepreneur who mentioned he was struggling in his business. I listened to him discuss his tech company (which most of his terminology flew over my head). He was so passionate about his company, yet he felt as if he was missing something. I asked him one simple question below:

Where you do you see yourself in three months?

I noticed that his answer wasn’t clear or direct. His response was scattered. I mentioned three key points that I use in my business to help me focus on my goals. The three points I (and every business owner should) implement are vision, focus, and action.

I’m not a perfect entrepreneur, in fact, no one is. I struggle with inconsistency and time management like others. But what helps guide me to push past the tough moments are these three things I’m going to discuss with you. Just like a compass provides directional information, a success compass guides you in your business. These three elements I will share with you can serve as your business success compass.


A crystal clear vision will be your roadmap on your way to success.

A vision is a specific statement that should guide you throughout a specific time period. The vision should be specific enough to say something about you will occur.

Your vision should be capable of driving your business to achieve a common goal. It should serve as motivation so that you have a constant reminder of what you are trying to achieve when times are tough.

Without having a vision, a business is like a kite without string, in danger of drifting aimlessly. I have noticed so many entrepreneurs without a clear vision, and they all do the same thing. They jump from task to task without clear understanding of what value they should be providing the marketplace.

Vision is the chief cornerstone for everything you do in business. The next point that can change your life and business is focus.


Every entrepreneur should focus on their vision on a consistent basis. Heightened focus allows you to be aware of every facet possible to accomplish your goal. Focus fuels the fire within you, and keeps you alert.

If you do not have focus, then you don’t have a strong enough vision. Perhaps your vision is not as important to if you lack focus.

I often review my schedule in my iPhone, that gives me a constant reminder of what I need to accomplish each day. I give myself deadlines and punish myself if I do not reach them. This keeps me laser focused on the task at hand. The final point that can change your life and business is action.


You must take massive consistent action. There’s no way around it. Make sure you do different activities than others. This separates you from the crowd of underachievers. Remember, you are on a mission to succeed. Why hang with chickens when you can soar with Eagles?

Become the authority in your field. Achieve the results you want in your business. When you do that, your business will flourish because more people will flock to you for your leadership. You will be influencing others like crazy.

Remember, you started your business to make an impact on the world. You want to get massive results. In order to receive those massive results; you need a clear vision, focus, and action. There is no time for stumbling. Your goals are right in front of you, act on them right now.


To Crushing Your Goals with Reckless Abandon!

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