PS3 System

The PS3 System

The PS3 system is the most powerful prospecting system in network marketing.

Every MLM is different, but the recruiting premise shall remain virtually the same. I like to call it the PS3 system simply because there are three stages to possibly turning that prospect into a business partner. I will explain each stage below:

P – Pique their interest.

You have this great MLM opportunity and you want to show it off to the world. That’s great! But you need to find ways for others to believe in this opportunity like you do. You would like for others to benefit from your MLM’s products like yourself. You do this by peaking their interest in your MLM opportunity. I rarely verbally throw my opportunity out at random. I typically let the conversation lead into how I can help solve the prospects problem.

I generally lead with this question…If I can show you how to supplement your income without having to get a second job, would that make sense to you? I typically pause and wait for the person’s answer. If he or she responds with a yes, then I briefly discuss my MLM opportunity. I’ll provide just enough information to excite them and leave them wanting to know more. Which leads to the second stage of this prospecting system.

S – Show the Plan

Now that the prospect is generally interested, and would be interested in learning more about this opportunity; the next step involves showing the plan. I make sure to edify the prospect by having them agree to do something for me in return for more information. My MLM, just like many others, has tools that are useful to exposing the opportunity in a very organized and direct fashion. Some companies have websites, mobile apps and marketing videos that describe briefly describe their business. I’ll reiterate, I do not offer any of my MLM tools unless they agree to do something in return. I typically ask: “If I gave you a link to an online presentation that explained everything, WOULD YOU click on it and watch it?”

See what I did there? I put the ball in the prospects court and showed them where they can find pertinent information, and in return I could collect their information from a back office CRM. From that point, I could add that particular prospect to my list. On the flip side, if someone wants the information first, my response would be, “I understand that you want more information, but all of what you’re looking for is on the website. The fastest way for your to really understand what I am talking about will be to review that material. So, if I gave it to you, would you review it?”

If the person says no, then thank them for their time and move on. Remember, a no may not mean they are not interested in your opportunity, perhaps they believe the timing is not right for them. Either way, just move on and thank them for your time (you never know, four months later, they may sign with you…so make sure to keep in touch).

3 – 3-Way Call

The final step in this powerful prospecting system is the 3-way call. As a new network marketer, it’s impossible for you to know everything about your opportunity. Perhaps a prospect hits you with a strange question or statement. Maybe a prospect still is not completely convinced of the opportunity yet. This is a great chance to invite your prospect on a 3-way call with one of your upline leaders. Upline leaders are great resources of information and motivation.

Solid upline leaders will discuss five areas primilarly when presenting to your prospect:

  1. Partnership: Talk about the company and why it may be great to join. Sharing the benefits of the MLM opportunity, and how they would be a great fit.
  2. Products: Share the results and the market potential for the prospects
  3. Programs: Share what support they will get from you and the company
  4. Pay Plan: Share how the compensation plan works, why network marketing works, and how money is made. Share how the extra income and incentives could benefit their life.
  5. Positioning and Timing: Create urgency as to why the time is now for them to join.

While you are still new in this stage, I recommend offering as little input as possible in the 3-way call. Simply introduce the prospect, briefly edify your upline, and mute your phone. By muting your phone, you are leveraging your upline’s knowledge and communication skills. Hearing how your upline deals with rejection is important.

You’ll always need to be talking to people to keep your business growing. The best way to master this skill is by talking to people everyday. As you do this, your skill set increases and so does your set of odds. Practice helps you develop your prospecting skills.

To Creating Your Network Marketing Kingdom!

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