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I want to share something special with this post. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are already eight months into 2016.  Have you accomplished what you set out to do this year? Have you made progress or have you regressed? Well today’s post will discuss a powerful state of being that everyone possess, yet not everyone uses to their advantage. This post will discuss “the zone.”

In terms of this post, “that place” and “that zone” could be used interchangeably. It is also called flow to those in psychology. Flow is defined as the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Essentially “the zone” is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.

The zone” allows you to have an open mind. It is a place of no return. The mere existence of “the zone” allows network marketers to obtain success and change the lives of others.

The zone” is a lot like the adrenaline we develop when a tragic situation arises. Many of us are not aware of our own powers until we have to tap into our internal reserve tank.

When in “the zone“, nothing else exists. You are laser-focused on your goals. Your sole mission to impact as many people as you set for that particular goal. The pain of staying the same far outweighs the pain of change. Distractions cease to exist in “the zone“, simply because you do not allow them. “The zone” breeds courage. “The Zone” is a place where you find your courage. There are two primary forms of courage:

  • The courage to begin something new
  • The courage to focus and complete the task at hand

It is greater to fall short of greatness that’s to stay in complete mediocrity.

The zone” makes me think of dogs. When you think of it, a dog who is on the hunt is not worried about if he has fleas. “The zone” provides a second wind, that will enable you to push through the finish line. You must be willing to sacrifice in order to win. Must be willing to pay the price to achieve success.

If you are in “the zone“, you are able to get to the next level mentally. Everyone has the opportunity to change their life, but you have to go to that place.

However, why don’t most people go to that place?

In “the zone“, there are no lazy people. You simply cannot be lazy and enter “the zone“. There is too much work that needs to be done, and too much focus to be utilized to be lazy. There is no satisfaction in laziness. Some people don’t travel to “that place” simply because they do not want it bad enough.

If you do not make the time to work on your goals, then you don’t want to be successful.

I have also learned that some people just don’t want to detach from mediocrity. They are comfortable with being sub par. Why be comfortable?

So many people are worried about what the crowd may be saying, and end up blocking their own success. Your actions must speak so prominently that you are unable to hear what others say.

I’ve mentioned this several times, people will always see your glory; yet not know your story. People just don’t know how tough the opponent is until they are playing the game. Also many people do not want to pay the price for accomplishing their goals. In response to those individuals I say this: you can either pay the price of regret or glory. The choice is yours.

Finally, people don’t want to travel to “the zone” because it may be painful. People generally do not like to be in an environment in which they could feel stretched. Perhaps “the zone” is tiring to some. You must not let “being tired” stop you from accomplishing your goals. The pain will subside after you’ve accomplished your goals. You must constantly revisit your why’s. Remember your why should make you fly or cry.

I have a few things to keep in mind when traveling to “the zone.” Keep pushing when everyone else has had enough. You cannot excel at anything until you change your mindset for the proper task. Mental dominance makes you unstoppable. Stop sitting around waiting for something to happen, and create the massive action needed. Be relentless.

Remember: Being relentless is EVERY minute, being clutch is being last minute.


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