What kind of independence are you serving?


What kind of independence are you serving?

Independence is defined as freedom of outside controls for support.

Today we celebrate America’s 240th birthday. Truly a monumental occasion in itself. However, a few things come to my mind on this July 4th holiday. While many families are celebrating their “freedom” by having cookouts, watching fireworks among other things…but the question remains, are you truly free? Are you truly free from outside control?

Slavery has not changed, but just the participants of have changed. Some of us are enslaved to the alarm clock. Some of us are enslaved to the time clock. We oftentimes realize the power of the independence we have access to, but are we willing to go for it? We all should be seeking true independence of things that have kept us in bondage.

There are still a number of liberties that I need to gain, and I’m fighting will all of my might to gain them. Everyone must continue the fight, because freedom isn’t FREE. You have to fight as if you are about to lose. You have to be willing to pay the price for your future generations.

Something to think about: If your parents (when you were younger) had an opportunity that allowed you to be financially free, would you have wanted them to take advantage of it?

News Flash: You ARE your parents

In network marketing, we have the opportunity, but some of us are sleeping.

There are certain freedom’s that we have earned (such as the Emancipation Proclamation, Declaration of Independence, the right to vote…to name a few), but yet there’s still freedoms’ we all should fight to attain. We live in a capitalistic society, and we need capital to survive. As a network marketer, you must revert to your why. What is driving you emotionally to develop a successful business? Are you enslaved to debt?

Debt is a form of oppression. Debt is a form of bondage. Debt is a form of oppression.

Just imagine your children having a fighting chance at the next level. Through network marketing we have the opportunity to do combat debt. We can provide our children with the best education. We can provide our children with homes, so that when they grow into adulthood and life gets rough, they have a place to go when times get tough.

It is a documented fact that network marketing has created more millionaires than any Fortune 500 company.

One of my personal goals is to be on the right side of generational wealth. Generational wealth is the aspect of financial planning that is geared toward passing down stable, significant financial resources to future generations. Simply put, generational wealth started with someone, why not start with you? Why not fight hard now so that the next generation can run less of the race than you did? A great example of generational wealth would be the Walton family. Sam Walton broke away from J.C. Penny, built what we know as Wal-Mart, and created a great family fortune to his future generations. After your family fortune being totaled at over $130 billion (according to Forbes magazine on July 3, 2016), I’m sure the Walton’s are thankful of Sam’s efforts.

With network marketing, you have the opportunity to become the Sam Walton of your family. You have the power and ability to change the generational curse and change the financial bloodline.

So I’ll ask you:

What are you independent from?

What are you still enslaved to?

Enjoy the holiday with your friends and family but remember the freedom’s you have yet to earn. In the meantime, let’s execute!

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