The #1 Reason People Never Execute, And Stay Broke

“Broke” is a mindset, but not a death sentence

Everyone knows what it takes to run a successful business.

It’s not that difficult. You must build a brand. Then develop some skill sets. When you have sharpened your skill sets, then you will become an authority in your profession. In order to do those things, you create content based on your target markets biggest challenges & pains. Whether that’s through webinars, blog posts, teleconferences, Facebook Live chats, etc. By doing that, you attract people to you.

Once you get consistent with your posts, and you gain build your audience over time, there will be a percentage of people who will buy your stuff. As you get better and better, your audience will grow and so does the percentage of people who will buy from you.

So you know what to do, why aren’t you executing?

What is the #1 reason people never execute and stay broke? I’m going to tell you that reason right now. It is one of our biggest fears as a human being. That fear is that we are not enough. This is the only thing that keeps you stuck and broke.

It is not the lack of money, time, or skill sets. I say this because I can point to various leaders in many areas who have lacked one or more and still overcame whatever adversity stood in their way. Those leaders figured it out and are crushing their businesses today. They had that “you are not enough” fear, but they dealt with it and created the action anyway.

What have you done?

Think about it, what have you done? Why haven’t you pulled the trigger to execute? You have value that interests your target market. The value is there, why aren’t you doing the thing? You must become the observer and figure out these things that are keeping you stuck and broke. What if you fail? I’m sorry, but what does that even mean? Truth be told, it boils down to the one underlying theme….that you are not enough.

What if I succeed?

There are people putting the pieces together and saying “what if I succeed”? That has been a barrier for me. I considered things like “what if I earned more than my mother” or “what if I succeeded beyond my friends”. All these things; really when you break them down…if that’s what’s holding you back, there’s a deep underlying belief that you don’t deserve it. And that feeling breaks down further into you are not enough.

The simplest thing I can tell you if you have those uncashed checks (your notes) or untapped value and not pulling the trigger…and that’s why.

Let’s re-program you

Any way you slice it up, you have been running this negative program called “you are not enough.” I did for years. That’s why I can speak highly on this subject. Regardless of what your mouth says (“I want that 6-Figure business, etc.”), you will not be enough until you put forth some action. You do not create that blog post because what would your friends think? Perhaps the post is not good enough, it’s not perfect. Guess what, it’s never going to be perfect. When will it be enough?

Time goes by so fast, it just keeps ticking and waits for no one. Regardless of who you are showing up as, time does not care. That is the one constant that you can bet on is time will keep going.

You know what to do.

There has to come a time in which you say “maybe I am enough.” Maybe I have enough value. You do not need a ton more value than your prospects for them to give you money in exchange for value, all you need is a slight edge. A little bit more knowledge, a little bit more value than the person you are speaking to on the phone. Then there is the potential for them paying you for your knowledge, value, coaching, or services.

The bottom line is you aren’t doing the things that you know you should be doing because there is a deep underlying belief that you are not enough. If we take this further; this is the ego speaking on your behalf. Your brain is not designed to keep you happy or limitless; that’s your soul’s job. The brain is designed to keep you alive. Your brain keeps you on alert for threats to your well-being. The brain looks to keep you safe, or in your comfort zone (or ego). We all know that nothing grows from comfort zones. An ego is developed during our transition from child to adulthood…so for some, that has been a long time to be filled with negative mental programming.

The ego wants to keep everything you do, status quo.

The more you go down this road, you will realize that your biggest fear is not that you are not good enough, but that you are powerful beyond measure. What does that really mean? That means you have to let go of your ego and everything that keeps you safe, place it on the sideline and go after your goals. This is the scariest thing you can do. It really isn’t fear that holds us back, it’s our limiting beliefs that we are going to have to change, and with that comes a lot of fear. Fear is stepping out of your job….upsetting your friends and family…being judged…failing or succeeding. All of those things contain fear. But when you realize that’s crap, then you are on your way to becoming powerful beyond measure. You have to step up and go against everything that you think you know, like the ego.

Why Not?

Your passion is the goods. Understand it’s the vision you have, you need to set the garbage aside and decide “Why not?” It’s only because you have been telling the story of why you can’t. You were not given that belief of you are not enough, you chose that belief system. This is a tough pill to swallow.

Trust me, I want what’s best for you. However, who I am speaking to now is that vision that you want. The soul, that’s what this website strives to become for you. When you understand that you can step outside of that comfort zone, then you can start to re-condition your brain into stepping into that vision you desire. You can become a new being that matches your vision.

I want you to think of this…”what have you done? If you have not done anything, then why? Get over the garbage. Start stepping up and stepping into your vision every single day. This is a must if your vision is a must. You must step into your vision daily. Your goal is to sustain that being for the next 24 hours. It will be tough, and your motivation may fade. However, if you commit and be present with that vision the next day, you will get clarity on your new vision. Embrace and become obsessed with your vision. Live that vision now. This is how you recreate your life.

So what are you going to do…consider the idea that you are enough….or do you want to continue being broke?

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