4 Ways to Achieve Ultimate Obsession

Have you ever heard someone say that talent is the key to success? I haven’t and even writing it right now sounds weird. Yes, talent is an advantage in many situations, but this world is flooded with broke talented people so let’s not sweat that too much. You can develop obsession which beats talent and squeezes you the best juice of your success.

Have you ever felt the need to get something or become someone? You were waking up thinking about it, while you ate; it was on your mind 24/7, and you felt obsessed. This driving force is the power we all need to break through and score like self-made champions. It is the state of mind which you can literally develop within yourself and use all the benefits without being discouraged by not having as much talent as others.

Since I know I am not the only one who has seen people with nothing, make it to the top with their obsession, I have listed 4 ways which can be essential to your success and substitute the lack of talent you are missing:

No space for complaining

The first place you want to start to work on is your mind and mindset. Remember that no one cares what you are complaining about and it is only limiting your potential. Since a positive mental attitude is a crucial step to make up for not being the most talented person in the room, think twice before you decide to slip again and draw in negativity.

Years ago, my mind was very dark and pessimistic. I kept thinking about the worst, which filled me up with anger and robbed me of any hope for a better life. My outcome was, as you can imagine, as dark as my mind because I designed it this way.

Having negative thoughts from time to time is part of being a human since we all get upset or frustrated. The important thing here is to realize it and change your thoughts instantly. If you catch yourself thinking negative, name 3 things which you are grateful for on the spot. What happens is that you will change your mental state and after a few attempts, it will become a habit. If you master your mind, you can practically learn anything.

“Be obsessed or be average” – Grant Cardone

No feelings. Pure focus

No. I am not trying to tell you to become a monster who doesn’t feel anything. What I mean by this is that many people put too much importance on their feelings which then, defines their results. Feeling of being tired, feeling of frustration, and feeling of not having enough time for fun. If you want to beat any obstacle on your journey, you have to accept the fact that no matter how you feel, you must go on.

You must push forward; you must do this one extra task, resolve one additional problem. You’ll discover that when you direct your focus more to what you need to do than the way you currently feel. Most of the time you forget about your lousy mental state and enjoy accomplishing and resolving things which matter.

Become the hardest worker you can be

Nothing beats the talent better than hard work and hustle. Build strong work moral, and you will be able to beat anyone and anything. Even if you currently work at the job you don’t like and plan to quit there, still give it 100%. Not because of the company, your colleagues or your egocentric boss but because of yourself. It will build up your reputation and your confidence. From this point on you’ll know that you did your best possible and eventually you will do the best in everything.

Adapt to an attitude of a hustler and a hard worker. It will help you keep moving forward when you are tired or exhausted. I bet you already know that nothing brings more satisfaction and results than work well done. Yes, the mindset is critical, yes belief is something you must have, but if you don’t put enough action in it and become persistent, you will hardly see any real results. Commitment and dedication to what you want are one of the most crucial keys to beating the talent you are lacking.

“Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters.” – Jeremy Irvine

Find your strengths and practice until you create a talent

Another key thing to do is to find your strengths and use them. People often focus on what they don’t know and what they suck at. When you build a business online or offline, you are not going to know everything. That’s why you hire people or ask for help from close ones, and you focus on things you are good at.

After you do that, practice. I can’t stress enough how committed practice and consistent training will improve your skill set and affect the overall result. Talent is nothing compared to dedication and perseverance one person can develop and master. Do you think that those great athletes and sports stars become who they are just because the runner was born with long legs and basketball player tall? NO! They have thousands of hours of practice behind them, and that made them the best.

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