Affirmation Factor

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Muhammad Ali

Today is Day 3 of my celebration of the great Muhammad Ali, and how many facets of his life can help improve your network marketing career. This post will discuss affirmations and the power of believing.

When your beliefs become a deep conviction, then great things begin to happen. There is tremendous power in believing in ourselves. An affirmation is defined as having a strong belief in or dedication to an important idea. This power comes from within. I challenge myself to make positive affirmations everyday. I verbalize these affirmations and do my best to set them to action. Affirmations are ongoing, whether they are spoken or not.

What we do in life is a representation of what we believe in ourselves. That belief must permeate through every single fiber of your being. We shall expect and demand excellence on a consistent basis.

Although we are all unique, one thing remains common. Our mind is always talking. The subconscious mind cannot take a joke, and does not believe a lie. The mind plays all the time. Negative thoughts are like weeds and serve no purpose other than to plague your mind which will delay your success.

We are well aware of repetition being the mother of learning. Muhammad Ali’s study habits are a clear example of what we can emulate in our network marketing business. What I admired about Ali was how he studied his opponents movements in the ring. Ali would pick up tendencies that he could exploit during the upcoming fight. He would spend countless hours developing his plan of attack based on what he studied about his opponent. This takes a well-defined strategy. There have been countless stories of what Ali would do based upon his study, preparation, and belief of his abilities. Muhammad Ali literally believed his way to being the People’s Champion.


By many accounts, Muhammad Ali kept himself in an environment that was conducive to succeed. There is power in having an environment that promotes your success. The environment allows you to begin to believe in your future accomplishments. It is important to be present in that environment. Such belief is displayed through your actions.

it’s not what you say, it’s about what you keep saying.

it’s not what you read, it’s about what you keep reading.

it’s not what you do, it’s about what you keep doing.

Environment dictates your growth in network marketing! This industry allows you to be able to see and borrow others success stories while you develop your own. If you are the wrong person in the right environment two things will happen:

  1. either you will change
  2. you need to get out of that environment

All professionals thrive in their respective environments. For instance, doctors and lawyers attend seminars to enhance their craft. We have to put ourselves in that environment that enhances our craft. Don’t just hold the book; actually open the book, flip through its pages and discuss what you learned from that book. There are three types of “book club” environments:

The “I got the book” environment

The “I’m showing the book” environment

The “I’m read/I have read the book” environment

You have to be intense about your beliefs. People can tell if your belief is not in alignment with your actions. Prospects can tell it you are genuine. Stop playing business, and get intense about reaching your goals. You have to get in the ring and fight for your goals. Live the truth!

  • What kind of stories are you creating?
  • What are you telling yourself?
  • What is the environment dictating to you?
    • Does the environment allow you to grow?

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