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Today is Day 4 of my celebration of the great Muhammad Ali, and how many facets of his life can help improve your network marketing career. This post will discuss the making of a champion.

Whatever you are thinking, you are becoming. It sounds simple, right?

  • If you are thinking of failure, you are becoming a failure.
  • If you are thinking of being a champion, you are becoming a champion.

On yesterday’s post, I wrote on the power of affirmations. You must turn your affirmations into proclamations. A proclamation is a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance. Create your own proclamation, then go prove yourself right. Prove those proclamations to be true.

I have noticed that over the years, I have held onto a lot of internal baggage. Many things that have depressed me over the course of time. You have to work against those years of negative thinking. Those are thoughts that plague us in the present, if you allow them. If we don’t change, we then tend to replay the negative thoughts that are embedded from within. All things are possible with faith and positive thinking.

You must speak the direction into your life. Accept where you currently are, as well as how your past. Turn your affirmations into proclamations. Speak those affirmations into proclamations at least 10 times daily. A lot of times we don’t get into the practice of speaking things into existence. The people who do not, simply are not confident that they deserve the greatness they seek.

Hone in on why we are going through the process of removing the negative thinking. If your why is big enough, the how will take care of itself. Remember Muhammad Ali’s bike moment. What is your “bike moment”? What is your reason for proclaiming your success?

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