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Breaking Point

Overcome Your Breaking Point

A breaking point is a point in which your stress levels become most critical. There are times in life which you may be pushed to your breaking point. Sure, adversity will arise, but you need to be armed with the know how to defend yourself. I will discuss my breaking point, then dive deeper into how you can overcome this to improve your life and business.

My Breaking Point

My breaking point occurred about three years ago. At that time, I had just graduated from graduate school and was ready to take on the real world for the second time…or so I thought. As I’ve mentioned on this blog; I grew up in the old mentality that you go to school, get a formal education, then get a good job…then you will have an amazing life. Boy was I wrong.

I enjoyed my experiences in college; but, I became frustrated with having jobs that anyone could have. I quickly grew frustrated being in a job that did not require the credentials I had amassed. After all, I went to college to acquire skills that would torpedo into a great career. Yet I was not able to land a job in my field. All that hard work…studying…tuition..etc down the drain, at least in my opinion. Do not get me wrong, I am very blessed to attend college. But I look at these degrees everyday angered that the education I gained did not help me generate the income I felt I deserved.

I did not understand how most of the managers I had at my jobs never attended college. Sure, I understand everyone chooses a different path in life; but I could not understand how someone with limited formal education can be in a management position. At times I felt that management was incompetent as well. My breaking point was being laid off from a position despite producing quality results. From that moment forward, I vowed to step out on faith and follow my dreams of starting my own business.

I never wanted to be in a situation in which I had to ask someone else if I could take a vacation. I did not want to ask for personal time off. To me, it is embarrassing to tell someone else that you or a family member is sick so you cannot make it to work. I am a firm believer that you should control your workload, your schedule and your income. Now I know everyone cannot be an entrepreneur, but I know for a fact the corporate setting does not fit me for the above reasons.

How to Approach Your Breaking Point

When I met my breaking point, I was angry. I absolutely did not know what to do. Planning to start my own business was my savior. I envisioned myself living a life on my terms. This fueled me each day to get better.

When you feel like you have reached your breaking point, you must understand that you can overcome said stress. First, analyze what is causing you to feel overwhelmed. Remember, overwhelm is a choice based on forces you allow to affect you. You have the power to overcome any obstacle. You must create the mindset to blow past said breaking point.

If you have reached your business breaking point, then perhaps it’s time for a career change. I have grown to understand that the answers to most of our questions lies internally. No one knows your situation better than you do. So chances are, you know what needs to be done to change thing around.

Keep a check on your health. Stress levels tend to put an extreme amount of pressure on the body. A human break down is just as dangerous as a building during the demolition process. Hit repeatedly, it endures some blows but continually grows weaker and then finally crumbles down.

Suggestions for Pushing Past Breaking Point

The key here is nothing lasts forever. We all will have emotional highs and lows. Prepare for both as they will occur. Figure your passions. Get to work on incorporating your passions into your career. When I began incorporating my passions into my career choices, my focus enhanced. I noticed that things began progressing in the right direction.

I realize that entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but it is a path that more people should follow. Life is a journey, and most times it will take us to reach a breaking point in order for us to find our truth purpose. The journey feeds you and shapes you. Keep moving in stride, and keep pushing through adversity. Your dreams are on the way.

To Overcoming Your Breaking Point!

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