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On Tuesday, history was made. Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. Regardless of your stance on politics, Trump exercised his right to campaign (and ultimately win) for the country’s highest office. I will not discuss politics, but I believe that entrepreneurs should exercise their rights. I will call them entrepreneurial rights.

You see there are two segments in America: you have Corporate America on one end and the financially free on the other. Corporate America leads to the path of destruction. Americans are finally coming to grips with the fact that they must take control of their own financial future. No president is going to fix your personal economy….only you can. It’s time to elect yourself! If you do not elect yourself, no one will do it for you.

What does it mean to elect yourself?

By electing yourself, you are taking control over what happens in your respective household. Although we may have a new president, it does not matter what he does; you are still responsible for taking care of your family. It does not matter who is in the Oval Office while you are in control. You are the Commander in Chief of your household, remember that.

Under your administration:

  • YOU set the rules
  • YOU create the programs
  • YOU give the raises
  • YOU lower taxes (through a home-based business, it automatically lowers taxes)
  • YOU are in control of healthcare, income among other things

Play for your last name on your jersey

We often hear coaches say to play for the name on the front of the jersey. As a coach, this is can be disheartening because in actuality; you should be focused on your last name. It is okay to be selfish when it comes to creating a lasting legacy. Everyone wants to leave something for their future generations, why not start now?

Decide to switch teams. Leave the W-2 team behind and join the 1099 team. Electing yourself is everything, your family’s legacy is on the line. Give yourself choices during this uncertain economy. The only way to make things certain for you is to create your own economy. Give yourself the chance to go out and impact families. Create a positive change in the lives of others starting today. Put yourself in a position where other people talk percentages while you talk dollars.

I would like to think of myself as “in-W2able”. There is no other option for me. I cannot depend on any organization to truly pay me what I am worth, and neither should you. If you want proof, look at what happened in the job market around 2007 and 2008. Do you think your value decreased during those years? Yet there were people who were laid off at that time, including myself. I know various things led to the economic crash in the last decade, but the point is far too many people realized on one source of income and when it was taken away abruptly. During these uncertain economic times, you must have an additional source of income. Everyone who is winning is doing business, so it is time that you do the same.

The benefits of home-based entrepreneurship

Time freedom

This benefit does not have to be discussed further. Everyone wants more time freedom in their lives. Why would you not want to control more time for the people and things you love?

Benefit of seeing your work

Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to truly witness the benefit of your work. I can control how much I work and get paid. That is a win-win for me. Corporate America pays you what they think you are worth.

Controlling your expenses

Corporate America can put a strain on your finances. Have you ever considered the cost of what it takes to earn the salary you earn? I think of the commute to your workplace, the wasted time, the cost of clothes, the cost of buying lunch. You are paying a lot of money out for someone to determine what they think you are worth.

Power of liberation

There is power in liberation. Think of not needing to ask someone for time off so you can be with your family. Why should I beg someone if I can take a vacation? I think that is backwards thinking. By electing yourself, you can make as much income as your heart desires. It up to you to determine how much income there is to make. There truly is an unlimited supply of income your way if you choose to elect yourself. What’s also great is being able to make money without being evaluated.

To me, that’s what true freedom is. The freedom to choose whether I win or lose. I can choose my own healthcare needs. It is my choice to succeed or fail. I do not want anyone else to decide whether my family wins or loses, I am the captain of my household.

Season of Boldness

We are vastly approaching the Season of Boldness. It is imperative to go out and help some people. We must position ourselves in a way to aid in their rescue from financial cancer. Will the government rescue them? I will say absolutely not! No one will rescue you but yourself. You must be able to participate in your own rescue.

We must get ourselves out of this rat race. People must learn to put their own oxygen mask on first, them be able to help others…..just like on airplanes. There’s global signs of this all around, people just need to wake up. It is the job of the home-based owner to become the new aged Paul Revere of entrepreneurship.

You have to take control of your own life. The finances you earn will impact your family. That job that you praise so much could very well be a machines job in a few years. This is the best time to step out and create a lasting legacy for your family. We have arrived at the best time to win for yourself and your loved ones.

This is not a game. Give yourself a chance to bet on yourself and not others. Now is the time to run harder and push further. On the other hand, you could lie down and wait on assistance, the choice is yours. But why wait for assistance when you can be your own economy?

Go fight for your last name! Elect Yourself!

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