Entrepreneurial Soldierization Process

There is a soldierization process to every business. An entrepreneur must be willing to go through it in order to achieve success.

I had a conversation with one of my mentors, who is a retired Marine general. I always enjoy talking with him, especially when he discusses his various service experiences. During this particular conversation, I asked for his view on growing a business. He immediately mentioned that an entrepreneur’s transition is a lot like the transformation a civilian makes to become a soldier.

I never thought of this until that moment. There is a transformation process that every entrepreneur must undergo in order to achieve success. This post will explain what the soldierization process is, and point out a few key points that should point you in the right entrepreneurial direction.

What does soldierization mean?

By definition, soldierization is a tough, comprehensive process which totally immerses an initial entry training (IET) soldier in a positive environment established by active, involved leadership. The IET is the period of time from the first day of basic training, through job training, and ends when the soldier graduates from their job training and reports to their first permanent duty assignment.

The soldierization process sets up the potential soldiers mindset. The process breaks down his or her old mental programming. There is no “being homesick” or “mom and dad” for the first nine or so weeks of a soldiers basic training. The drill instructors serve as the IET’s superiors and ensure their safety throughout training. The instructors will take care and mold them into the soldiers they need to be in order to move on to their advanced training.

Basic training prepares soldiers for advanced training. Entrepreneurs must also go through a transition. This transition is from employee to business owner. The military will make or break you. You will be constantly reminded of what is expected of you from your drill instructor. On the other hand, no one will make you do what is required for you to become successful in your business. You must go through the process in order for your business to grow; but you must be willing to change.

Entrepreneurship is a voluntary army

The military, no question, makes you do what is necessary to reach the next level. A young soldier must earn the trust of his or her superiors as they advance. New business owners must also earn the trust of customers and potential business partners as well. As an entrepreneur, you must have a burning desire to win.


Entrepreneurs do more than most people do at 7am. You must have that mentality to produce more action than the average person. We do more than most people at 7am, so we make more than the average person. I believe that is the meaning of posture.

When I think of posture in this context, I am talking about the approach or attitude. A person’s posture serves as a weeding out process in business.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Is your posture weak or strong?
  • Have you been studying your industry
    • Or do your prospects know more about your profession than you?
  • What are your self-disciplines?
    • Are you applying them?

The importance of being coachable

One thing that disturbs me is if you are following my lead, then why are you questioning my actions. Leaders are documented, their credentials speak for themselves. There are leaders in every profession. Network with those leaders, develop a relationship, and use their guidance (and direction) toward any business accomplishments. Remember great leaders have become great followers first. The leaders will call the plays, and it’s your job to execute the play. If you are serious about your business, then model the play your leader has given you to execute.

What I am doing is not working….

If you have been sitting around and saying the above statement to yourself and others, then it is the best time to change your plan. My mentor loves to say “If you can’t come up with $500 right now, then your plan doesn’t work.” That’s absolutely true. It is not necessarily about the dollar amount, but it’s really about the lifestyle and the options you have as a business owner. When people realize their previous plan does not work, then they are on their way to succeeding.

Documentation beats conversation!

Documentation is the gold standard in business. Talk is cheap, action speaks volumes. Think about it, would you rather be the person who talks a great game or the one who has proven themselves to be the best?

Although I have not served in the military, I have a tremendous amount of respect for what each individual endured for us to have the freedoms we have in this country and abroad. I also think to myself…when I watch CNN, I do not recall seeing any military general getting caught in crossfire on the battlefield. I truly believe that testament goes toward these individuals knowing where they need to be, and their documentation validates their rank.

In business, your mentor (if you happen to be in network marketing—your upline) knows things that can help you reach a particular goal.

The killface

Many military personnel will quote that the first 72 hours of basic training is the hardest. This is usually the time in which intimidation may be the toughest. What kind of intimidation do you have?

Your killface, or your external determination appearance, demonstrates your level of focus. If your determination is weak, then you must find a way to strengthen it. Leadership can help, but you must want to change for the sake of yourself and your business success.

“I keep my feelings separate from my goals”

There will not be a time in which my feelings will interfere with my goals. That just will not happen! There are a lot of people depending on me, and I will not let bad habits creep up and lead to my demise. That’s the mindset you must possess.

It’s time for you to transition from employee to entrepreneur, your goals are just on the other side of action!

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