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Do You Have the Spirit of a Finisher?

Today is the first month of August (my favorite month). Today is the 214th day of the year 2016. Which means there is 152 days left in this year. Time waits for no one.

In the spirit of time, I had to ask myself if I accomplished everything I had set out to do this year. I began to ponder if I am finishing this year strong. Then I probed into what I have finished so far this year.

Have you finished many goals this year? How many goals are you accomplishing?

We have to finish strong, not just the year, but everything that we begin. We have to finish what we start. Everything has a clear beginning and a clear ending. Unfinished tasks are simply unacceptable and usually result in a lack of focus. I will discuss the spirit of a finisher. I will also provide five distinct qualities of a finisher.

There are plenty of starters in the world today, but how many items can we say are completed? Having a strong mindset is crucial to having the opportunity to see the finish line at the end of the race. The mindset will help move you toward and through the finish.

What’s the most important character trait to reaching your destiny – the finish line of your goal, project or dream? A finisher is someone who moves beyond his/her own thoughts and ideas and takes action. “I give up” is not in the finisher’s vocabulary. They know that a stumble is not fatal. It’s just another opportunity to get back up and succeed. Finishers may fall, but they get back up and continue, determined to cross the finish line.

As you run your race, you will have many opportunities both to trust and to doubt your process. If you stumble in your faith, don’t give up the race. Is it a sacrifice to get back on course? Yes, it takes a strong will to get back up after you have struggled or even fallen and lots of effort to regain momentum. Is it worth it? Of course it is.

Most people who experience great success with network marketing are not perfect, but they are faithful. They are finishers. And their persistence is fuelled by their belief that they can positively change someone’s life. You must settle in your mind that you will succeed.

Look around you at successful people who you know or admire. Did they achieve their success easily? Probably not. Crossing the finish line requires saying “no” to the insecurity and “yes” to the conviction.

Below are the five qualities of finishers:

  1. They are hard-working.
  2. They are willing to work in unpleasant and inconvenient circumstances.
  3. They are adaptable to changes that will improve their performance.
  4. They are proud of what they have done, but aren’t so satisfied that they stop prematurely.
  5. They persist until they have crossed the finish line!

Finishers make the world go around. We write about them. We talk about them. We are amazed by their focus, tenacity and accomplishments. What do they have that non-finishers don’t?
Determination. Your soul (mind, will and emotions) can cement your determination to be a finisher. Go for it!

Will you choose to be a finisher, no matter the cost?

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