four elite entrepreneur characteristics

Four Elite Entrepreneur Characteristics

Four Elite Entrepreneur Characteristics

There are four elite entrepreneur characteristics. These entrepreneur characteristics help make these individuals so attractive. Everyone has an attractive nature, but what makes a person attractive?

Think of the attractive nature that some people posses. Celebrities, for example, can be quite attractive. But why are people attracted to them?

I’m not referring to their physical appearance, but their magnetic demeanor. For example, when you think of Wendy’s, you think of the late Dave Thomas. Thomas was the owner and founder of the popular restaurant chain. He had mentioned in his autobiography that he hated recording commercials. In fact, the Wendy’s marketing department conducted studies that showed a correlation to between an increase in sales when Thomas was featured on respective commercials.

Why is that the case?

Quite honestly, it’s because people are attracted to people. People are attracted to someone they feel they can connect with. Being relatable is highly important. People want to associate themselves with someone who gives them value.

In this post, I will provide you with four elite entrepreneur characteristics.

Good Back Story

What is your story? Share your story. People are attracted to stories. It’s true: facts tell, but stories sell. If you want to sell more stuff, you should get good at sharing your story.

People are attracted to your story. In fact, people are typically more interested in your story than whatever company  you are promoting. Think about it, there are tons of people who promote health and wellness products. Yet people buy those products based on the stories of the results some have had from using them.

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People connect to elements of your story. Share your network marketing story. Your story is unique, tell it to your leads. Share the joys and difficulties along the way. Those moments have shaped you into the person you are. You should share your story in your marketing pieces; such as your emails, blog posts, and videos.  Pick specific parts that are relevant your target market.

Share Personal Stories

The greatest public speakers always share their stories. They share stories of their life to whatever relates to their discussion topic. These stories could used for entertainment or informative purposes.

Stories help build rapport and trust. A story can help develop a relationship with a potential client before you get on the phone with them. Building relationships are a part of marketing. There’s power in leveraging blog posts, videos, and autoresponders.

When we share our stories and build relationships, we create a warm market with the people we speak to online of offline. Why would you sponsor a cold prospect or a complete stranger?

This is a relationship business built on the creation of your warm market. The process is you market; connect with strangers, then you develop a relationship and rapport. You develop trust before you send them into your warm market.

You do that by following these elite characteristics of characteristics I’m providing in this post. It is important to place your voice in your autoresponder sequence. After all, you are the one that’s going to follow-up with leads. You want to sponsor the prospects, so personalize it so you can share your personal stories.

Character Flaws

Good characters have weaknesses. People do not want to hear from someone who seems perfect and got it all together. The “perfect” kind of person is often viewed as not very trustworthy. After all, no one is perfect.

People want someone in which they can relate. Most people are aware that they have weaknesses. As an entrepreneur, you must be willing to share some of your flaws.

Do not try to be perfect, that’s one of the worst things to do. People tend to procrastinate or flat-out not do anything. Trying to be perfect holds you back. No one is perfect. People want to connect with a real person.

Be Opinionated

Be yourself, and show that in your marketing. In saying that, it’s important to pick a side. Being neutral is boring. You must be able to take a stance.

One of the best things you can do is have an opinion. The risk is some people may not agree with your opinion. That’s totally fine. You might upset some people, and that is fine.

You want that in marketing, a little edge. Opinions help make people polarizing. Think of radio personality Howard Stern, what has made him successful? He has a distinct opinion. He gets people to comment on both sides of the spectrum. His opinion makes you either love him or despise him.

Do not be afraid to share your opinion. It is really important to the success of your brand. After all, Stern’s opinions have allowed him to become the most successful radio personality of all time. If being opinionated can net a $90 million annual salary for Howard Stern, imagine what it can do for you in your business.

Share your opinion what what’s really important to you. Perhaps you have strong belief systems, share those beliefs. Granted unless you have a message that will offend 99% of your potential audience (which Stern often does) , then in that case, keep it to yourself. That is not good for business.

You will find your following if you have a position. If you take a stance and create content around that stance, you will build a following. Insert your opinion. You have great content to share.

Let’s Recap

There are four elite characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Don’t believe me?  Look at the successful entrepreneurs you admire. I’m sure you can point out a couple, if not all four characteristics in them. I guarantee those entrepreneur leadership qualities those elements. Most of them posses these characteristics and it comes naturally to them.

All marketers must have a good story. They also share those stories with their audience. They are willing to be vulnerable. These leaders are willing to display their flaws. And they are not afraid to have an opinion.

Look back at your marketing and see how and where you can improve in these elements.

Was that helpful?

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