Heart of a Champion

Today is Day 5 of my celebration of the great Muhammad Ali, and how many facets of his life can help improve your network marketing career. This post will discuss affirmations and the heart of a champion.

TGIF = The Grind Includes Friday

I like to remind myself this every Friday. Just because it’s nearing the end of most work weeks, doesn’t mean you should slack on your goals. As a network marketer, you are on a constant journey of self-discovery. You have an obligation to share your story with others. You have an obligation to offer solutions to the problems of others.

Network Marketers deal with adversity on a daily basis. How do we overcome such defeat? If you do not have attrition, then you aren’t in the business. Attrition is the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure. Attrition is a setback that all network marketers must face.

Muhammad Ali’s boxing career showed signs of attrition at some points. There was Ali’s stint in prison for resisting to the draft that would have sent him to battle in the Vietnam War. Mind you, the military had lowered their draft standards to allow more men to be drafted. During the course of his sentencing, he lost over four years of his career . Ali did not let his political stance deter him from making an impact upon his boxing profession again. He came back to win the recapture the undisputed Heavyweight championship again. Like I have mentioned before on this blog, life is mostly about what happens to you. It is about what you do to overcome adversity.

Falling down is a part of life, but getting up is living. Quitting is not an option! We all must possess a championship mindset. How is greatness defined to you?  The number of adverse actions you have to overcome to reach the accomplishment, that’s my definition of greatness.

Champions create moments that are larger than them. Champions hate to train, but love the celebration. The only pain you remember is when you lose.

We all have what we need internally. You have to believe in something bigger than you before you achieve something greater than your beliefs.

Go out there and fight for your freedom!

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