Keep Your Dreams

Keep the dream, keep believing, and take your business to places you didn’t even imagine!

Let’s keep our dreams alive, starting today.

You may be wondering, just how is that possible? How can I keep my dreams alive? Well this post will help guide you to your dreams and keep you on the path to living out your dreams.

What are your dreams?

What are the mental images that keep reoccurring?  Can you see the finish line or the prosperity zone? Perhaps you may need to read my Finisher Spirit post to give you some ideas. But we all know that dreams carry certain obstacles. Those obstacles are dream killers. These obstacles can be internal or external. The sole purpose of these obstacles are to throw you off the path to your dreams.

One of the wealthiest places on earth is the graveyard. It may sound odd, but it is true. The reason the graveyard is such a wealthy place is because dreams are often buried there. So many people who dreamed enormous or elaborate things did not manifest their dreams. Whether by forces outside of the control or otherwise, they did not fulfill their dreams in their lifetime. Many times people just do not see their dreams.

If you don’t see your dream, before it becomes a reality, you will not recognize it.

The story of Joseph in the Bible comes to my mind when it comes to dreaming. In Genesis, Joseph was a dreamer. He had a clear dream to become an influential person in Egypt. He shared his vision with his family and everyone else he came in contact with. Joseph shared this vision with his half-brothers, who became jealous of him. His father even rebuked him because of his outlandish dreams. Joseph’s half-brothers even plotted to kill him due to their jealousy. Isn’t that a terrible thing to have people in your life that do not believe in your dream?

What do you do when other people don’t believe in your dream?

I often think, how many people have allowed others or certain situations to kill their dreams. I admit, in the past, I have had individuals downplay my dreams; which lead me to kill them. It is a shame how I let someone’s negative influences deter me of my goals. But life happens. What I had to learn is that all we have are our dreams, you must go after them.

Most of us know the story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He had a dream of freedom and equality for all American citizens. But I like to think that the dream had Dr. King.

You see, when you dream of something, and believe it so deeply with every fiber of your being…then that dream has you. That is why we must dream bigger than ourselves. We must let our dreams take over.

Sometimes when you are dreaming, you never know who or what is attached to your dream. Joseph and Dr. King had dreams bigger than their earthly existence. Their dreams were bigger than them. But what if they did not pursue those dreams? What if Joseph did not act on his dreams to reach the palace in Egypt? Also, what if Dr. King didn’t preach and march spreading the word of his dreams?

It was clear that Joseph and Dr. King were on paths to their dreams. But they both encountered many obstacles along the way. However, sometimes a perceived obstacle is just a pit stop on your path toward your dreams.

Path or Pit Stop

The path to our dreams is a lot like a NASCAR or Indy race. During the course of every race, there are many obstacles such as wrecks, cautions, and pit stops. What does a pit stop consist of? A pit stop consists of fuel, damage repairs, minor adjustments, and sometimes even changing drivers.

Race pit stops mimic what goes on in the network marketing profession as well. You can use books, audio, and other forms encouragement as your “fuel”. We all can change our attitudes and mindsets, which mimics that of a driver change. Following the minor adjustments, you are ready to get back on the road and experience things differently than before. See just like in a race, the goal in network marketing is to reach your finish line. Finishing strong is extremely important.

The Path from Pit to Palace

As the story of Joseph carries on, his half-brothers were plotting to kill him. But Reuben, one of his brothers, ordered to imprison Joseph. The moral of this moment is when people want to bury you; they never realize that you are a seed, you are going to grow anyway.

While Joseph was imprisoned, he shared his dream to his cellmate. Unbeknownst to him, he was not aware that he was sharing his dream with Pharaoh’s butler. You never know who could be attached to your dreams. Those dreams could change the dynamics of not just yourself, but those around you. It does not matter what your past looks like. It also does not matter what kind of “prison” you are in. That prison could be your job, your alarm clock, or that person blocking your dream.

Final Thoughts

Later in the story, Joseph ended up finding himself in the palace he dreamed. Everything he endured was a part of his process toward being the second-most powerful man in Egypt, next to Pharaoh. What we as marketers need to understand is that we already have what it takes to become successful in this profession.

We just need to look inside of ourselves and step into our own manifestation. After all, a caterpillar has everything he needs to become a butterfly, yet crawls around for weeks before going through the transformation process. All in all, just keep dreaming and keep believing. You can expedite your process when you dream bigger and believe bigger. You never know where your dreams will lead you.


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To Creating Your Dream Kingdom!

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