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Eliminate Your “Need”

Need. That four-letter word frustrates me to no end. It bothers me how so many people feel as though they need something. But with their supposed needs, bears reliance and laziness. This post will expose the truth for business owners and encourage them to embrace their independence.

So many people need support. Network marketers, especially, are needy people. They need guidance. Marketers also need someone to pat them on the back. Some even need someone to provide support and training to them. They need encouragement. These individuals have so many needs that they think are important.

Motivational speaker and author the late Jim Rohn, has gone on record to say the following quote:

Life doesn’t respond to what we need, life responds to what we deserve
it doesn’t say if you need a harvest you get one, it says, if you plant in the spring then you’ll get harvest in the fall reaping and harvesting belong to planters, not to those in need

Work harder on deserving something rather than developing a need all of the time. If you need so much, then you have an employee mindset. You need to reflect that of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Employees need various things. They need structure. Employees need assignments. They need a schedule and training. Employees need a host of directions, but entrepreneurs are different.

Entrepreneurs work tirelessly, but they are independent. They are not reliant on anything other than what value they bring to the marketplace. Entrepreneurs try their best to become independent as quickly as possible.

So what does that mean?

Instead of placing a false need in the direction of your upline, you can call on them as a resource. If your upline is not available at that time, then do not excuse them for your lack of achievement. Your success lies within you. I cannot blame anyone else for my failure, but myself. Go out and provide the solutions you are seeking.

If there are no good meetings, and you need good meetings…then create the good meetings. No quality trainings going on in your local area, then create the trainings that provide solutions to your business. Do you feel a lack of great presentations? Then become the presenter that provides solutions.

Whenever there is a problem, do not look to everyone else to solve it; you create the solution. You don’t need all that other stuff.

Network marketers, you don’t like your company’s recognition program? Well create a better one. Your MLM company lacks a mobile application, then create one. Be an entrepreneur, not an employee. Be someone who deserves success, not someone in need of constant support.

Cut the need. Need is not attractive. Independence is attractive.

You must decide to walk away from the employee mindset. I know it is difficult to do that, especially since I have been trained for years as an employee. I know there are people out there who have been employees longer than I have been alive, yet the time to change that mindset is now. Embrace the entrepreneur waters, where need is no longer welcome.

Need is punished. It’s your life, take ownership of your life. It is your organization, your downline, your career, your legacy at stake.

Get your support system together. You are enough. Make the decision today to control your destiny! Walk away from the need!

To Slashing Our “Needs“!

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