Overcoming Yourself

Overcoming Yourself: Your journey to You

Overcoming Yourself

Are you on your way toward overcoming yourself?

In today’s post, I will offer some suggestions that will aid you in overcoming yourself.

Success can be quite entertaining. In fact, the one thing about success is that it does not come easy. Success is difficult because of the personal growth that must take place. There are commonalities when it comes to why people fail and why they succeed.

In today’s video, I will share with you the 3 dream-killers that prevent you from overcoming yourself:

There’s one variable to both success and failure; that is the person in the mirror.

You see, the only way to be successful is to overcome yourself. Everyday a battle is going on in your business as well as your personal life. Will you do what is necessary for your business to succeed? Are you going to think like a successful person? Or will you think from a position of lack, fear, worry, or doubt?Everyone has to go through the journey of overcoming themselves

There is a  difference between people who succeed and people who do not. The difference is that successful people are willing to push past any of their fears and doubts in order to accomplish greatness. They have the same fears and doubts as everyone else, but they do not let the negativity stand in their way. Successful people are not any different than you or I. Everyone has to go through the journey of overcoming themselves.

The 3 Dream Killers

There are three dream killers that haunt everyone. If you let either of these dream-killers I’m about to mention take hold of you, you will be heading into a negative spiral that can be very difficult to navigate.


We know doubt as any lack of conviction. Doubt has us constantly questioning ourselves. In our business, we question the legitimacy of our home-based business. Recognition is key. When you recognize the negative line of thinking, you can quickly start to eliminate the negativity. But if you do not eliminate the doubt, then that doubt could creep into worry.


Worry is any dwelling on difficulty and apparent troubles. Notice I said apparent troubles. There are people who feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done in order for their business to be successful. Typically overwhelm is a by-product of learning something new. Overwhelm typically masks entrepreneurs stretching themselves. Sudden feelings of overwhelm are quite normal.

The problem is that the doubt starts to turn into worry and eventually pulls you down. Remember, nothing comes easy that’s worth attaining. Just think of gold and silver. Why are those metals so expensive? Because you have to do some extensive mining to recover those metals. You essentially have to be willing to dig deep to get gold and silver. The same is true for your business.

You must be willing to fight for your entrepreneurial rights. Each day must be attacked with relentless passion. You must kick butt. If we give in to those negative thoughts, we are doomed. We must focus on what really matters to us.


Fear is the belief that something is dangerous or likely to cause pain. It can be quite fearful to step out of your comfort zone. We all know nothing lives in a comfort zone. Successful people have a habit of stepping out of their comfort zones. We should focus on being uncomfortable. Entrepreneurs must be willing to push the limits. This applies to all phases of life; not just business.

Overcoming the Dream -Killers

Overcoming yourself means overcoming the three dream-killers. Fear and belief cannot co-exist. It just is not possible. You cannot be fearful and belief that you will achieve something. Those are two polar-opposite forces. Fear is negative, there’s no way around that. Whereas, belief is positive and help guide you to whatever accomplishment stands in your way.

How do I increase my belief?

As entrepreneurs, you must take responsibility for your actions. People love recognition, many do not mention their failures. In fact, some people flat out do not talk about their low points. What about those failures? You cannot take the success without the failures. Failures are learning opportunities. There is one sole difference between successful people and everyone else. Successful people just fail more often. Which means they are willing to learn more.

How do I get around that?


It is imperative to get involved in a community who’s purpose is to build you up. Being in a community who is willing to encourage you is key. I love the community I am involved in. You can be a part of it here. I love to motivation and the support. It feels good to announce a goal that you are trying to accomplish, and you have several thousand people cheering you on. It’s almost like you are in a crowded stadium, and everyone is there to make sure you succeed. How awesome is that?

Invest in yourself

You must also constantly invest in yourself. There are tons of books, trainings, courses and live events that pertain to your industry. Invest the time and money into your personal development. You cannot succeed if you are not constantly growing. In order to do that, you must feed your mind with positive education. It really helps you in the long run.


Belief comes from only one thing, action. The only way to eliminate fear and doubt is action. I realize people may be afraid of taking action because they may be afraid of rejection. Rejection is a part of the process. The best way to get over rejection is to start getting rejected. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. After all, what is rejection anyway? It’s merely nothing.

In closing…

To sum everything up, there’s only one way to get rid of doubt and fear. That is plain old action. Creating action yields results, whereas fear yields to excuses. Excuses are well-crafted lies that hinder your entrepreneurial development. Take the step and realize there is no reason to afraid. Go out there and create the action that is required for your business to succeed. If you do that then you are well on your way to overcoming yourself.

Was that helpful?

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