Procrastination Curse

Procrastination is the great thief of many goals

Procrastination is an emotion-focused coping strategy that has no place in business.  People tend to want to wait until the “time is right“; or until they “find the right person”; or perhaps when “they have the right message” before they get to work on their goals. This attitude is highly inefficient and dangerous.

I cannot speak for every entrepreneur, but I do not have the luxury  to “wait until the time is right” in my business. It is time to make something happen in my business right now! I cannot afford to delay my success. This post will expound on curse that we know as procrastination.

The Curse of Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest downfalls that leads to failure. The Latin root of procrastinate, or cras, simply means “tomorrow.” We know procrastination as the delay of a particular action until a later time.

I’m the kind of person that likes for things to be done right away. I see no value in delaying. Sure setbacks will occur along the way. The road may not always be smooth, but action must be taken toward reaching your goals. Setbacks should not derail you completely from moving forward.

What is interesting about life is that you can delay almost anything, but time will not delay for anyone. We all withdraw from the 86,400 bank daily, so you cannot squander the time you have.

Champions do not make excuses

Have you ever noticed one defining trait amongst all champions? They never give excuses. Not just in sports, but people with an overall championship or elite mindset do not settle for excuses. One thing I admire about champions are that they are always present whether or not they have accomplished a particular goal.

Being present is key. Like back in school; just because you may have brought in a doctors note, that does not excuse you from missing class that day. Sure the teacher or the school may count that as an “excused absence”, but the fact of the matter is you were not in present for class. Just because you brought a note to class does not make you present, you still missed the class.

People need to understand, excuses do not excuse you. In terms of your business and your life; the word “someday” is a disease. “Someday” is a disorder, very much like a disease, that can bring you to your grave. If you are an entrepreneur who relies on a “someday”, then something is diseased in your mind.

Fear of failure

Many people fear failure. On the other hand, what if you do not fail? You will never know how you will fare in business if you do not step out on faith. Granted faith is amazing if utilized correctly, but you must produce action. Faith is trust without reservation. In other words, if the play is called from leadership, then you must follow the play. Action breeds desired results.

The “One”

Do not sit on the sidelines and wait on the so-called “big fish”. As a home-based entrepreneur, you are the big fish. You are the owner and CEO of your business. Everything runs through you. So if your business is not successful, then you must look in the mirror and decide if you are doing everything required to succeed. You attract people with similar mindsets. Therefore, you must do the unrequired work in order to celebrate the success on the back end.

The Draw

The biggest self-sabotage is procrastination. We do not realize that what we are not doing is really holding us back. By not creating the actions needed for our business to survive, we are doing ourselves tremendous harm. Take a look at the leaders in your industry. Follow the leadership, and commit to the plan. Procrastination, on every level of your life, can not reside within you.

If you are not moving with a championship mindset, then your organization will reflect that. Most of the problems we have in life revolves around two things: action without thoughts or thinking without actions. Procrastination is one of the issues.

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.

Let’s put things into perspective. If time were money, let’s see determine the value of that time.

The past would be a canceled check, the present would be liquid cash, and your future would be your promissory note.

If you had to choose between any one of the above, what would you choose? Most would say the present, because it reflects the most powerful currency, which is liquid cash.

The Payoff

Starting today, make certain you are doing everything  you can possibly do inside your life and business. As home-based entrepreneurs, you have been given the amazing opportunity to flourish. You never know the future you that you hold in your hands for someone else. But you may not be using that gift due to your selfish procrastination. You must never succumb to the fear of failure.

Tomorrow is always found on the calendar of fools, that is because they will always try to get in action mode “another day”.  Procrastination is the graveyard where your goals go to perish. Make the decision today to do the work NOW, and let’s make it happen!


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