The Power of Writing Your Goals

What’s Your Power?

There is power in writing your goals.

I love journals, it’s no secret. This morning, I had discovered an old journal I had about four years ago. I thumbed through that journal to check out what was going on in my life at that time. One entry struck my attention. The entry discussed my desire to become an entrepreneur, and I wrote down some specific goals I wanted to accomplish in the coming five years.

A couple of the goals included:

  • Start my own business before the age of 30.
  • Begin a podcast series catered to entrepreneurship.

Based on those two goals, I started my business at the age of 27. I am in the process of creating a podcast series catered to entrepreneurs, go figure. This particular list totaled to 48 goals. The ironic thing is 32 of them have been accomplished already.

The point is that writing my goals helped me create my future. Just four years ago, I was a depressed employee working at a less than desirable job. At that time, I craved to live a lifestyle on my terms. I remember when I worked at a local car wash; and saw people who were driving luxury cars, only to wonder what kind of profession yielded that kind of money to drive that car. It pained me to ask someone what they did, but I wanted to know. In fact, I used to imagine myself obtaining total freedom.

Fast forward four years later, here I am an owner of multiple businesses and typing to you. I’m not completely free yet, but I have made tremendous progress now compared to four years ago.  My point is that by writing my goals, I literally took the first action step toward reaching my goal. I highly recommend writing your goals. There is true power in writing down your goals. I will discuss such power.

You Have Discovered a Pain

Most times prior to writing a goal, you have uncovered some sort of pain. There is some accomplishment that you want to meet. Everyone wants to reach some level of accomplishment (whether physical, financial, etc), yet lack something on their way to meeting the summit. Writing down your goal acknowledges the fact that you see a certain change you feel is necessary for an increase in your quality of life. For example, you realize you may want more money to pay bills or create a surplus to create wealth. By writing your goals down, you have discovered a portion of your life that you want to improve…and have moved in the direction toward accomplishment.

Written Goals Create Power

Written goals take on a life of their own. The act of writing is the first step toward reaching the desired goal. Writing is the first action that needs to be taken. What I usually do when I look to accomplishing goals, I write each goal in a notebook and keep it nearby. I usually place the notebook either on my nightstand, or I take it with me when I am riding around in the car. I like to keep my goals nearby for reinforcement when I have a down moment, or just need a sudden reminder of why I am going through a particular struggle. Writing goals give me the feeling of having my own magic wand, just waiting to change whatever I desire in my life. Writing goals is powerful.

Get Clear on Your Goals

Your goals must be specific. I recommend setting a specific date for as many goals as possible. You would be amazed at how much you can accomplish by giving your desired goal a deadline. If you really think about it, the most action is created near a deadline. Having a deadline should not enable procrastination, but it should motivate you to dig deeper for that particular goal. A deadline aids in keeping your actions aligned toward your goal.

As I continued to read through my old journal, I was amazed with what was on mind a few years ago. Certain things that was going on in my life then, clearly does not mean anything to me now. Having clear goals enlightens what you want and need in your life. Setting clear goals creates true power in your life. Make sure to get something to write on and list out your goals. Also make sure you include when and why you want to attain those goals. By doing something as simple as writing your goals can trigger the infinite intelligence you need to set yourself free.

To Smashing Your Goals!

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