The Reality of the Return

Your Reality

People do not understand the reality of the return. Every time they do something, they are going to receive some form of a return. Oftentimes they think the return is going to be greater than what they put in…and that is not the case.

Typically, people only do what they expect to be done in return of their actions. Some people think that if they do the bare minimum, they should expect a colossal return.

The Return on Your Investment

Entrepreneurs make quite a few investments into their business potential. The investment of your efforts and studying your industry is paramount. The combination of your intelligence, business savvy, and knowledge obtained over time can catapult you toward making $250,000 or whatever amount you wish to earn. This is the reality of your investment.

What is the Reality of Your Return?

What are you investing? Do you realize your potential? A lot of entrepreneurs want a return in colossal measurements, yet only invest at the bare minimum. There is a price point to start anything. You may know the price, but don’t know the value of the business you are starting.

What is a reality? It is the state of something being real. What is real? Something that is authentic. So in other words, your reality must exist. True belief is coupled with a corresponding action. I like to think of a corresponding action is when your belief will determine your actions. Every business owner performs in congruence to their beliefs. Simply announcing your beliefs are not enough. Your actions must be coupled with your beliefs.

A return is something that’s given back to its original source. As an entrepreneur, I already feel that I have everything I need. I already feel that I have everything I dreamed of. This line of thinking is instilled in me and fuels me to succeed.

What figure calendar do you have?

I take pride in my 7-figure calendar. No I am not a millionaire yet, but I am putting things in place to reach that particular income goal. All that’s needed is execution on my part. What is a 7-figure calendar? I like to think of it as a detailed plan filled with ambitious goals specifically geared toward a particular future outcome. Ever since I can remember, I have envisioned myself as a millionaire. Perhaps that is not your goal, no judgement from me.

Some people are content with settling for less. I do not believe in settling for mediocrity. You will receive a return on any investment you make. You must take action though.

We can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

You have to accept or you have to become exceptional. Accepting means you are now governed by something that is believed to be either true or false. Exception, on the other hand, means something has nothing to do with you. We must strive to be exceptional. Regarding things that are ongoing in the outside world, entrepreneurs must exclude themselves. Presidential elections and crimes on the news are examples of things that warrant exclusion. These things are going to happen regardless. We cannot allow outside and irrelevant actions to deter us from our goals.

Entrepreneurs must have a belief that is so high that you will see it demonstrated through our actions. Actions may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. Start doing the things you are called to do. Average people seek opinion where the successful seek consul.

Everyone’s Reality is Different

You cannot change reality, but you can change the eyes that see a particular reality. A choice can be made to see things from a different point of view. You must really understand what you have as an entrepreneur. Make sure your reality is everything you dream, wish, and hope to achieve. Your business is the vehicle to make your dreams, wishes, and hopes come true. Let this vehicle yield you the return that you are seeking and more.

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