Why People Do Not Become Wealthy

Three Reasons Why People Do NOT Become Wealthy

Why People Do Not Become Wealthy?

Why is it that people don’t become wealthy? There are three distinct reasons why people do not become wealthy.

In this post, here is what I consider to be the three reasons why people do not become wealthy.

In the United States, with the opportunities that we have, why is it that so few people reach financial independence?  I stopped to think of reasons as to why that is the case.


I believe the first reason why people do not become wealthy is because the idea never really occurs to them. It sounds silly, but I think that is the case. There’s a large percentage of the population who may never become wealthy. Those individuals may have never had the thought that they can live the lifestyle of their dreams. These people do not posses the mindset that they can live where they want, do what they want, and with whom they want.

The average person is typically raised in a family where they have never met or known anyone who was wealthy.  Often times that average person goes to school and socializes with people who are not wealthy.  They work with people who are not wealthy.  The social circle does not contain any wealthy people. If this has happened to you throughout your formative years, up to the age of twenty, you can grow up and become a fully mature adult in our society, and it may never occur to you that it’s just as possible for you to become wealthy as for anyone else.

You just need to realize that you can be rich. Granted, you may not experience instant wealth or overwhelming cash flow tomorrow. But you should realize that someday anybody can be rich.

The Decision

The next reason people do not become wealthy is that they never make the decision. They do not set the goal to be wealthy. If a person reads a book, attends a lecture, or associates with people who are financially successful, nothing changes until there’s a decision to do something different.

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The primary reason for under achievement and failure is that the great majority of people do not decide to be successful. They never make a firm commitment or definite decision that they are going to become wealthy. People mean to, and they intend to, and they hope to and they’re going to, someday. They  wish and hope and pray that they will make a lot of money, but they never decide, “I am going to do it!” This decision is an essential first step to becoming financially independent.


The final reason that people do not become wealthy is procrastination.

People seem to always have a good reason not to begin doing what they know they need to do to achieve financial independence.  It could be the wrong month, the wrong season, or the wrong year.  Business conditions in their industry are not good, or they may be too good. The market isn’t right. They may have to take a risk, or give up their security. Maybe next year.

There always seems to be a reason to procrastinate. As a result, they keep putting it off, month by month, year by year, until it’s too late.  Even if it has occurred to a person that they can become wealthy, and they have made a decision to change, procrastination will push all their plans into an indefinite future.


There are three main reasons as to why people do not become wealthy. Perhaps it has never occurred to you that you can be wealthy. Maybe you have yet to make a decision to change your financial situation. It all starts with a decision to make a change. And perhaps you have put your plans off for quite some time. In any case these three things can help create financial success for you and your future generations. These three topics can help you create a life on purpose. That is the way life should be lived…on purpose…created by you.

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