Two Pains Every Entrepreneur Faces

Two Pains Every Entrepreneur Faces

Two Pains Every Entrepreneur Faces

There are two pains every entrepreneur faces in their life and business.

In todays post, I will discuss extensively the difference between these two pains as it relates to your life as well as your business.

Those two pains are the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. When you undergo a change of any kind, you will face the pain of that change. For example, if you want to lose weight, you have to change your diet and workout. In this case the diet and workout regime are pains (or the discipline) that you must endure in order to achieve your end result, or desired weight.

Discipline is a right of passage necessary to accomplishing any goal. On the other hand, regret is the suffering from lack of action.

In today’s video, I will briefly explain the two pains every entrepreneur faces:

The Pain of Discipline

When people set out to do something, they either do it or not; there is no in between. If you want something to be brought into manifestation, you must have the discipline necessary to complete the mission. Some people will mistakenly do things, and get a result and think “Wow, I can do the same thing and get a result.”

That won’t always happen.

What you might not realize is that although you may have received a result, it wasn’t achieved using discipline. Discipline is the bridge between your goals and your accomplishments. If you are not disciplined enough to set a goal, create a plan to reach that goal, then the success will not reveal itself.

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Suffering leads to regret. You were not disciplined enough to do what needs to be done to reach the success you desire. This is where regret creeps in because you didn’t make the time to build the correct foundation for your business. You start to see others reaching new ranks or levels, whereas you are still in the same position. Now you are suffering from the pain of regret, because you did not do the necessary actions.

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Most people confuse action with commitment. This cannot be farther from the truth. There are two opposite ends of the spectrum. Just because you have an action does not mean you are committed or not. See, the harder you work, the harder it is for you to surrender…that is commitment. Surrendering means that you give up due to the constant, relentless blocking of something you want. So let me ask you, what are you surrendering to?

That is where the discipline comes in, because if you are not doing something…that is still doing something, it’s just the wrong thing. There are many people who take an action, but have not committed long enough to see what results their actions can yield. You must create massive action and sustain such action.

Jim Rohn

What are you surrendering to?

No one is going to wake you up and make you listen to inspirational messages every morning. There will not be anyone who makes you register and attend live events. You cannot rely on others to have to remind you to follow-up with prospective clients or business partners. No one will always be there to make you take the necessary actions in order for your business to succeed. That is what discipline is, because if you see it…you have to seize it. When it comes to discipline, you will always reap more than you sow…that’s the law of discipline.

If you want to grow a harvest of activity, you must realize that your harvest will not grow based on you deciding to not do anything.

The Pain of Regret

The pain of regret is far worse. The reason being is that not just your dreams can be affected by regret, so can your life. Take a good look at a cemetery. The cemetery houses the remains of plenty of individuals who have regretted not taking some form of action in their lifetime, either knowingly or unknowingly. Don’t add to that number. Take the action right now, while you can.

The pain you should want to suffer through is the pain of discipline, and not the pain regret. I’m sure you have heard people say “I should’ve done this…or that”. Don’t let that day happen to you. Most people look to tomorrow for people to evaluate yesterday.

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The distance between our dreams and reality is discipline. Motivation gets you going, but habits get you to your destination. Your discipline will help you to achieve whatever you want. You don’t want to sit and suffer the pain of regret by watching others succeed without you. Watching others climb to the top because you could not run your business!

Eliminate Negative Habits

Habits cannot be broken, they are only replaced. Habits come from discipline. Those disciplines that you do every single day turn into habits. Habits are the things you do without thought. The only way elimination of negative habits can be accomplished is through replacement.

When you speak through affirmations, you will develop the actions that will lead to habits. When you continue to develop those habits, they will lead to results. Then those results will lead to success. Remember, success is a journey, it is a path. Most people must realize in order to go on your path, you must cut down trees or remove obstacles. They are things that most people don’t do. 20% of people are going to do what 80% will not do.

What is the Price?

The price of excellence is discipline, the price of mediocrity is disappointment. Mediocrity means average. So in order for you to pay the price of discipline which is excellence, if you don’t the result is going to be the cost….which is disappointment. How people feel with disappointment? They have sorrow, frustration, insecurity.

Everything you do is important. Every positive action or decision leads to another positive action or decision. On the other end, every negative thing you do leads to another negative thing. It’s ironic how actions are linear in that fashion.

Which Pain Will You Choose?

As I have mentioned, you are going to suffer one of the two pains that I have discussed in this post, either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. One thing is certain; you might as well suffer through the pain of discipline, since that pain is temporary. On the other hand, the pain of regret could very well be permanent.  Which pain would you rather suffer through?

Was that helpful?

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