What Do You Want to Be When You Give Up?

“I plan to quit…”

“You plan to quit, and do what….?”

(blank stare)

The above exchange is one that I had with a fellow marketer a couple of months back. Quitting is something that I just do not understand. After all, what are people quitting to go back to do?

Are you quitting to watch more TV? To spend more time building someone else’s dream? Just what are you quitting to do?

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be a freedom fighter? Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy for their family?

Perhaps I’m weird; but as I have grown older, I have no desire to sit in front of the television watching other people live out their dream. When you spend so much time having “B-activity”; or activities that do not produce income, you essentially watch others make money. As network marketers, we have a unique opportunity to change lives; doing nothing is absolutely inexcusable.

The television tells you vision…someone else’s vision. Many people are not executing on their own vision.

Who are we quitting on?

Oftentimes we do not take the previous question under consideration. We truly do not know who’s rescue we are attached to. I often think of what drew me to network marketing in the first place, which is my freedom and entrepreneurial desire. I cannot and will not quit on the notion of attaining personal, time, and financial freedom. What inspired you to initially start network marketing?

Never let your why be your why not.

I have mentioned the above statement on my blog quite a bit. And I will continue to drive this belief home. Why are you not working your business? Would you rather continue watching other people on TV tell you a vision?

The funny thing is many of these people are not even telling you an accurate vision. Many of the people you follow on TV may be in foreclosure, or have hidden marital problems, or other issues…but will paint you a vision that is not even true…yet you tune in every week. I just don’t understand how people quit on themselves, or quit on their families.

What would your kids think?

If you quit on your vehicle to take you out of your current situation, where is your destination going to be? What do your kids have to look up to? Just like if your car cuts off, you won’t go anywhere…if you quit, you will not go anywhere.

Believe or Not to Believe….That is my Story

While people succeed, they always see the glory…but not their story. Everyday I choose to believe. Most people don’t believe in themselves. I am making a choice to fight for my freedoms. A lot of people do not embrace the process that is required in order for you to be successful.

If don’t believe big, you can’t dream big, which in turn will prevent you from being big!

We all must dream bigger. You must psyche yourself up. Your belief has to be bigger than your current situation. One of my mentors told me something that has stuck with me for a while now:

A man dies at 30, but is buried at 75.

It is so true when you think of it.

Let’s analyze this… man dies at 30. This means the man stopped dreaming at age 30. He stopped believing in himself. He quit on his dreams at 30, simply because he believed he could accomplish them. More or less, the child in him faded away and so did his dreams. This is a metaphorical death. The dreams he had as a child drifted off because he let his life get in the way. In turn he settled for working to build someone else’s dreams and accomplished nothing.

The burial at age 75 represents his lifespan. We all have a limited amount of time on this earth, we should cherish every moment. If I’m blessed to see 75 years of age, I do not want to have any regrets. I want to feel that I have done almost everything I set my mind to. I will not let go of my childish dreams, and you shouldn’t either.

The Process

The network marketing industry is a process. You must give up to get up. You have to be honest with yourself. It will not be easy. If you are not ready to give it your all for your dreams, then you are closer to giving up. This business is a copycat business. You must copy the right cat though.

Your inner circle needs to change in order to separate your inner ear. People always want to feel good, but you must separate yourself from the negativity. Let’s say for example, a woman’s pregnancy. Now of course, I don’t know what’s it’s like to be pregnant….but what if a woman went to just about full-term and decide to terminate the pregnancy. I’m not going into the morality or politics of the issue of abortion, I’m specifically discussing the act. If she spent eight and half months pregnant and decided to quit on the process of being pregnant. We must look at our business are if we are birthing a child. After the child is born, we must nurture them and take care of them until they can do for themselves. Our business are much inline the same way. We must feed the business its proper nutrients in order for it to flourish.

I want you to take a good hard look at yourself and your business. Do you want to quit your business and go back to doing the same thing that brought you to network marketing? What and who are you willing to fight for?

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