What Leaders Actually Do

What Leaders Actually Do?

What Leaders Actually Do?

In today’s post, I will explain what leaders actually do.

If you are building business, you are looking to acquire leadership. Becoming a leader is what you are seeking. It is important to become the leader that others look up to, admire and support.


**I came across a video from Brendon Bruchard on the topic of what leaders actually do. This post is my take on that video.**

Envision a Compelling Future

Great leaders envision a compelling, different and vibrant future. Leaders have an alternative clear view of what the world could be like tomorrow than it is today. They have a shared purpose. Leaders also believe that they and others would be compelled by, interested, inspired by, and want to work toward, and that’s a big deal.

You always read about it in leadership – that you must have vision. It’s biblical; where there is no vision people perish.

You must step into a bright future for yourself. Allow yourself to feel that it is right here. As a leader, it is imperative to identify the direction in which you want to take your business. You must acquire a deep personal belief in your vision.

Enlist Your Vision

All great leaders speak their vision with passion and conviction. Leaders are always communicating their vision. You can communicate your vision through blog posts, webinars, emails, and other content that you create. Constant communication of your vision is important because you want other people to believe in that vision. If other people do not buy into your vision, they won’t move forward with you. Your vision must be so big that other people catch it. If your vision is small, then you will only attract people with small visions. However, if your vision is large, then you will attract others with limitless visions.

Embody the Your Vision Principles

People must be able to articulate that your vision is important. If they do not see you taking massive action in your business, then you will not develop a following. All leaders are messengers. However, if other people do not believe in the messenger, they will not believe in the message.leadership champion

People have to trust you. They must understand that you are saying something and following through with it. It’s called leading by example. Do what you say, and stick by your word. Take massive action that is in congruence with your vision.

Show up in your business daily. There is no “feel like it” in your business. Businesses should not possess on/off switches. Entrepreneurship reveals the leadership characteristic in people. As an entrepreneur, you are a role model. People believe in you. Your message should ignite others to believe in you. The communication should be congruent with your vision.

Do other people believe in you? Do they believe in your message?

Empower Others by Being Approachable

It is imperative to become a leader that is approachable. The following that you seek to attract should feel comfortable enough around you. Your following should be willing to reach out to you and ask for help, should they need it. As a leader, you should empower others. Leaders share their knowledge with their following. They also share various skills they’ve developed and tools they are using to generate massive results.

Leaders encourage their following to excel to new heights. They share pertinent information on how to get to their desired destination. The information can be shared in blog posts (like this one) or webinars just to name a couple of methods. Leaders provide detailed instructions on how to succeed. They provide a plan of action. Just like the quarterback calls a play for the offense to run in football, business leaders call the play for their following to execute. These leaders make sure their plan is simple enough to continue the chain of success.

Evaluate Success

All successful leaders must know how to measure success. They should able to track the impact they have on their following. In every business venture, it is imperative to know how you are doing. Such assessments can allow you to determine the course of action in alignment with your vision. I typically analyze my business activities on a weekly basis.

Emotional Cheerleader

Successful leaders are also their group’s emotional cheerleader. Most of the time, the leader’s emotions reflect that of the group. Leaders encourage others to succeed. They maintain a certain level of energy at all times. These leaders have a habit of celebrating all wins, and they also encourage their following to do so as well.

The top leaders also acknowledge their own struggles. It is important to acknowledge your shortcomings because your journey to success can inspire someone. Make sure to share your story. Constantly encourage your following to be the best they can be. You never know who can benefit from your struggles.

To Sum It Up…

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  • You are somebody they know they can go to because you’re always going to turn a negative into a positive.
  • Leaders are always going to help their team see their progressive side, the next step.
  • Successful leaders often champion people.
  • You’re going to champion the mission and the cause, that’s leadership.

That’s the six E’s of leadership: Envision, Enlist, Embody, Empower, Evaluate, Encourage.

What overlays all of this is a philosophy about what we’re doing: that it’s important to us; that there’s a purpose, a mission to it and that we feel that deeply within us is so powerful; and we honor, respect and love those we work with.

In fact let’s throw out the word follower. People aren’t following you, no, they’re actively engaged. They are collaborators. You’re building collaborators within the organization, within the team, with those who you are serving… a magic happens.

Was that helpful?

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