Your Unique Ability

We all have our own unique ability.

At the heart of who you are lies the secret to your greatest success, best quality of life, and biggest contribution to the world. Your unique ability is a hard-wired set of natural talents that you’re passionate about doing in every area of life. Discovering one’s unique ability takes a lot of patience and due diligence. But to really figure out your “inner genius” or your unique ability, it takes time.

So many people aim for a certain kind of lifestyle or level of success, but do not know where to focus their energy to make it happen for them. Quite often we are told over the years to follow our passions. However, what do you do when you haven’t discovered what your passion is yet? Today I will share my take on the methods you can use to define your values, discover your passion, and then use the knowledge to build the life that you want.

Know What Values Mean the Most to You

The first step in figuring out your unique ability is to define your values. You must gain absolute clarity on what are your values. A person’s values make them do things that are often not easy to do. Core values vary from person to person, therefore you do not want to live life based on somebody else’s values. Make sure your values are true to yourself and reflect the life you want to live everyday.

Choose your top five to ten values.

Remember, these are values that you hold near and dear. Some examples of values could be:

  • Influence
  • Health
  • Financial Freedom
  • Adventure
  • Autonomy

I call my values core values or my “Big 5”. These values are important to me, and what I stand by daily. My core values are listed below:

  • Family
  • Freedom (Time and Financial)
  • Influence
  • Health
  • Impact

I do not expect for you to have the exact same core values as myself, but I’m sure many of those values are similar for you. Figure out what means the most to you. Once you do, your life will become more manageable. For example, if you take on a role that is not in congruence with your values, then things will become stressful. Trust me, I have worked at jobs that were not in congruence with my values…and I often found myself conflicted and stressed. You must never put yourself in a position where your values are put to the test. Be authentic to who you are and what you stand for.

Follow People Who Have Similar Values That You Do

This sounds simple enough, but if you follow people who don’t have the same values as you, then you will end up confused or possibly combative. Your values are yours for a reason. It is okay to disagree with someone, but many relationships do not last if the individuals values are not in line with one another. I have encountered entrepreneurs who have constantly wondered why they haven’t accomplished their goals, and I often ask them about who they surround themselves with. Chances are if their associates do not share the same values with them, then they are not successful.

Pick a couple of people who are congruent to who you want to be like. Follow the individuals who have the lifestyle you are trying to build for yourself. Certain characteristics like ethics and integrity go a long way. Be strategic and question everything.

Do Not Study Everybody

Many new entrepreneurs believe that when they start out, they should study as many people as possible. I disagree with that logic. I believe it is paramount to only study a few individuals. Those individuals need to embody the same values that you hold true in your life.

Do Your Due Diligence and Do Your Research

I absolutely love books, but they can be misleading. Remember, anyone can write and publish a book these days. So researching authors yields a low barrier to entry when it comes to researching information. Instead, what I look for are credible comments from others. For example, I won’t read a book simply because one of my friends recommends it. I will read the book if a few of my friends recommends the book and I’ve read some credible information that will allow me to use the book to my improve my businesses. I always seek valued opinions. The information must be documented. There is value in documented information. The documented opinions I value are movements. Writing a movement creates credibility.

Use your past experiences and accomplishments

Make sure to ask yourself  the tough questions. So while researching, think of this:

  • What do you like doing without being asked?
  • Where have you gotten results in the past?
  • What do you feel like your talents?
  • List your strengths

Instead of following your passion, you should be following the results because the results eventually turn into passions.

Figure out your unique skills, mixed with a passion, then solve a problem people care about.

Below are some terms that I believe could help point you in the right direction:

  • Flow – if you happen to lose track of time, then it may be a sign that you may have discovered a hidden passion. When you have flow, it’s easier for you to get in the zone.
  • Failure – having persistence despite of failure and other past setbacks; after all, failure is a big teacher.
  • Free – sometimes you have to establish value by displaying free work in order for others to pay for your premium abilities. If you’ll go above and beyond for something, then you are passionate about it; even if it’s free.
  • Irritation/Frustration – what is something that when done poorly irritates you? What value does that violate? What passion does that reveal? For example: I am a proponent of education, but believe that the colleges in this country do a terrible job at preparing you for the real world.

Final Thoughts

How did you figure out what you are made to do? Did you figure out your calling?

You don’t have to not take action if you don’t have the calling, you figure it out by taking action…gaining results by getting the flow and figuring out what you are best at. Think what will this keep you engaged for a few years, if so…chances are that’s a great start.

To Finding Your Unique Ability!

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