Recommended Tools

Here are various tools that are useful to creating the business of your dreams. These tools are some that I refer to daily in my business today.

I created this page especially for you, because I often get asked
“Quentin, what do you use to build your business?”

I admit, I am building an amazing business online, but I can’t take all the credit. There’s a few resources I use that have vastly contributed to my success and some that I couldn’t do without when it comes to building my business online.

I have made a list of some of the courses and tools that I revisit to build my businesses. I recommend all of these of course.


3 Minute Expert Attraction Marketing Edition

How would you like to become an authority in your niche?
Do you think that would help you attract qualified prospects?

I hope you’re nodding your head like I am. That’s exactly what I was able to do, by going through this course. This teaches you the beginning to end on how to become an authority in blogging and generating high quality leads from your blog.


PS. Oh yeah, this Attraction Marketing Edition is even more packed that the regular edition, and it’s more affordable too – win, win!


The Deep Abyss

We all know that mindset is fundamental to your success in business, and it’s something we need to work on consistently.

What better than a monthly mastermind, with a bunch of other 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs?

That’s where The Deep Abyss comes in. The secrets really come out in this roundtable monthly mastermind, hosted by Diane Hochman, who can literally pull in 6 figures with one email. No joke – I’ve seen it.

Warning: This will force you to stretch, grow, and get results!



aweberIf you’re building a business online, you need an email list – that’s why you need an autoresponder. This little tool allows you to send an email to thousands of people with the click of a button, how cool is that!? There’s many autoresponders on the market; however, having tried all the major ones out there, I recommend Aweber for their ease of use, deliverability, and amazing customer support.



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